Regis Salon Prices And Services

Regis Salon Prices And Services

Regis Salon Prices

➥ Are you wondering what Regis Salon prices its services? Could you take a look at our complete guide?

➥ We’ll review their entire range of products and services and what you’ll charge for each.

What Do Regis Salons Cost?

➥ Regis Salons are renowned as a practical, low-cost chain of salons with a luxurious ambiance. The salons are spread across the United States.

➥ They’ve been in operation since 1922 and were initially known as Kunin Beauty Salons.

➥ They were established in 1958. changed (and changed) and changed the name and changed the name to Regis Salon.

Regis Salon Prices

➥ Nowadays, salons operate at more than 10,000 places across the globe and enjoy a reputable image in the beauty industry.

➥ While many salon chains provide haircuts and styling services, Regis Salons offer a greater variety of hair services.

➥ Colors, haircuts, style highlights, perms waxing, relaxers, and deep conditioning treatment are just a few treatments you can purchase for meager prices at Regis.

➥ This guide will go over the prices for each product and service. We’ll also provide a description of each product and a detailed explanation of what each comprises.

➥ We’ll also compare the prices of their rivals. Let’s get started!

 List of Regis Salon Prices  

➥ Regis Salon prices are known as fair and affordable. Below, you’ll be able to see the high, low, and average costs at Regis Salons for each service they provide.

➥ Following this list of prices, we’ll provide specifics about each service, including what it’s comprised of.

Service Low End Average High End
Women’s Haircut $30 $33.50 $37
Women’s Cut & Style $38 $38.50 $39
Men’s Haircut $20 $23.50 $27
Men’s Cut & Style $28 $28.50 $29
Color $60 $67.50 $75
Balayage $50 $50
Ombre Color $150 $150
Mini Highlights $29 $29.50 $30
Partial Highlights $55 $65 $75
Full Highlights $90 $92.50 $95
Relaxer $65 $65
Perm $65 $67.50 $70
Facial Waxing $14 $14.50 $15
Deep Conditioning $10 $10
Formal Styling $55 $55
Blowout $100 $100

➥ The service with the lowest price is Deep conditioning services (which begin at just $10); Regis prices are in the middle of the spectrum. The most expensive option here is an ombre-colored color.

➥ However, since the cost starts at around $125, the price of $150 seems reasonable. Because franchisees are the sole owners of all Regis Salon locations, the rates differ based on the location.

➥ But, the majority of Regis Salons will charge the same amount for various services. For instance, you could be charged $30 for a female haircut at one salon and $37 at a different location.

➥ That’s why we’ve included the median costs for every service. This way, you will know what to expect to be charged at any particular place.

➥ Make sure you speak to your stylist about your location’s pricing before booking your appointment at the Regis Salon.

➥ They may even be able to inform you about promotions, specials, and discounts that are available in your area!

Regis Salon Services

Regis Salon Prices

➥ After you’ve learned the amount you’ll have to spend at Regis for every service and more, let’s take an in-depth look at their menu of services. What are the services offered?

➥ Regis Salons provide a variety of hair treatments, such as haircuts and styling, color highlights, relaxing, waxing conditioners, and waxing. What’s included in every service.


Regis Salon Prices

➥ Regis Salons will always provide haircuts for women, men, and kids. The cost of your haircut depends on the type in price, with children’s being the lowest and women’s being the most costly.

➥ If you visit the Regis Salon, you’ll begin by having a brief appointment with your hairdresser. They’ll help you determine what kind of haircut you’d like and ensure it’s suitable for your hair.

➥ After that, your stylist will wash, condition, cut, and style your hair to the style you’ve asked for.

➥ If you buy cuts and styles (additional cost), the stylist can blow-dry your hair to the style you’ve requested. In other cases, the stylist will cut and speed-dry your hair with no styling.


Regis Salon Prices

➥ You can pick all-over hair color at Regis Salons. You can choose your preferred permanent, demi-permanent, or semi-permanent hair shade, dependent on how long you’d like it to last.

➥ Your stylist will help you select a color if you are unsure which color will work best for you.

➥ Before applying the color to you, your stylist will conduct a short consult to find out what kind of color is most effective for you.

➥ Your stylist will make a custom color for you. After the color is applied, you will allow the shade to work through your hair for the appropriate duration before washing it off and out of the hair. After that, your hair will be blown-dried to showcase the final look.

Permanent Color

➥ Permanent colors are a popular option for covering grays, lightening your current hair color, or darkening your current hair color. Permanent colors will stay in your hair over a long period.

Demi Permanent Color

➥ Demi-permanent hair color is one step below permanent colors for hair. It lasts between 24-28 shampoos and will eventually fade, but not as fast as semi-permanent hair colors.

➥ It’s best to add the appearance of refreshed colors, or mixing grays, or give vibrance and shine to your hair’s color by adding some dimension and tone.

Semi-Permanent Color

➥ Semi-permanent color for hair is available and lasts between 3 and 6 washes, compared to permanent and demi-permanent hair color.

➥ You can choose a semi-permanent hue when you’re looking for the most vibrant, fun color or if you’re trying an entirely new shade or tone.


➥ Balayage is a process that involves hand-painting the hair to create a natural, flowing look that brings shades to the areas where light naturally strikes the hair. Balayage can be done to the shade you prefer in Regis Salons for a reasonable cost.


➥ Ombre hair color shifts midway down the shaft, transforming into a contrasting shade. It could appear lighter or more dark than the hue of the root.

➥ Sombre is a more subtle variant of the hair color ombre and has less contrast between the various colors. Ombre colors are the most costly option in Regis Salons but are priced lower than many independent salons.

Gray/Silver Tones

➥ Gray lavender, silver, and gray tones are all the rage in the present. Regis Salons can do it if you’re considering going platinum blonde or prefer to add a silver shade to your hair, and they’ll apply the toner of the color you want to ensure your blonde is precisely the shade you’re looking for.


Regis Salon Prices

➥ Highlights are available all the time on the shelves at Regis Salons. You can pick from mini, partial, or complete highlights, and Regis Salons employ highlights made of foil to add the illusion of depth by adding color to your hair.

➥ Pick mini highlights to give your face lightness. Choose full highlights if you want all-over lighter. The process begins with a consultation with your hairdresser.

➥ Before applying highlights, they’ll establish your desired style and discuss issues like maintenance, roots, or existing damage.

Mini Highlights

➥ Babylights, also known as mini highlights, are becoming more popular. At Regis Salons, mini highlights consist of 7 foils positioned around your face to give you a natural, sunkissed, natural look.

➥ The service is quick and doesn’t require hair styling; however, hairdressers blow-dry the areas highlighted for you to see the final results.

Partial Highlights

➥ Partial highlights are also offered here, incorporating more foils throughout the hair. Partial highlights are ideal for adding dimension. Most partial highlights are placed in the T-zone, on the face, and along the line where you part your hair.

Full Highlights

➥ Full highlights offer the best results as an all-over shade. They’re perfect for mixing grays with your color, brightening or darkening the overall color, and creating an abundance of dimensions. Full highlights will be used extensively using foils throughout your hair.

Specialty Services

➥ Regis Salons offer a menu of special services. They offer style, perms relaxing, waxing, and relaxers. This article will provide the specifics on what each service is at Regis.

Formal Styling

➥ Special occasion and formal event styles include braids, updos, and twists. The stylist will start with an initial consultation to determine the type of occasion or event the dress is suitable for and then determine the kind of style you’d like to have. Each formal style comes with a shampoo and blow-dry.

Perms, Relaxers, and Retexturizing

➥ The Regis Salons will assist if you’re looking for perms, relaxers, and smoothing treatments. Perms create a permanent curl with the curl pattern and size you prefer.

➥ Specialty perms such as spiral perms might come with an additional cost, and long hair could also be more expensive.

➥ Relaxers are a long-lasting treatment that smooths, softens, and softens natural curls. Relaxers soften frizz and help manage curls.

➥ Retexturizing treatments can be found for hair that is naturally curly, and they can reduce frizz by rearranging the curl’s shape and shape—shampoo and blow-dry with each of these treatments.


➥ Facial waxing can also be found in Regis Salons. Services for facial waxing comprise eyebrows, upper lip sideburns, and chin.

➥ Regis stylists can cut hair in sideburns and eyebrows while removing unwanted hair from areas such as the chin and lip.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Regis Salon Prices

➥ Regis Salons offers three deep conditioning treatments for you to select from. Each is unique, and your stylist will help you determine the appropriate deep conditioning treatment for your needs.

➥ Naturally, this will be on your hair’s needs and hair structure. Every deep conditioning treatment is accompanied by head massages for ultimate relaxation and comfort.


➥ Its DESIGNLINE deep-conditioning treatment eliminates knots, locks in moisture deeply into hair strands, and coats with protein to protect damaged or weak hair. It’s made with cocoa butter to give instant softness and shine.

Redken Chemistry Shots

➥ Redken Chemistry Shots can be made to meet the specific requirements for your hair. Your stylist will decide the hair type that would be most beneficial by smoothing, strengthening moisture, and gentle conditioning to color-treated hair.


➥ This Malibu deep conditioner can be completed in two steps: Clarifying and conditioning. The first step eliminates the buildup of oil, dirt, and dirt from hair using a clarifying wash.

➥ The third step involves applying an intense conditioning treatment that heals damaged hair, leaving it feeling firm, soft, and hydrated with a dazzling shine.

How Regis Salon Prices Compare

Regis Salon Prices

➥ Regis Salon pricing appears reasonable and fair; however, how does it compare with similar salons? Let’s see.

Regis Salon vs. Supercuts

➥ The prices at Supercuts are comparable to Regis prices. Regis prices are comparable; however, they differ in terms of service.

➥ Supercut III is a similar service to Regis, and Supercut III is comparable to the price of a haircut for women in Regis (includes shampoo and a basic blow-dry). ).

➥ At Regis, the haircut costs $33.50 per haircut on average, and at Supercuts, it’s $36.98. Deep conditioning treatments cost around $1 at Regis, and at Supercuts, they cost $12.50 on average.

➥ However, when it concerns hair shade, Supercuts has the edge. Supercolor is as little as $35, highlighting prices at around $72. At Regis, the all-over color is $60, while highlight-only highlights are $92.50 on average.

Regis Salon vs. Great Clips

➥ Let’s look at Great Clips prices vs. Regis Salons. Adult haircuts are more affordable for Great Clips ($15 on average); however, they don’t come with shampoo and direct blow dry, as Regis haircuts offer.

➥ In Great Clips, conditioning treatments cost around $14, whereas they’re approximately the $10 mark at Regis. Perms average 60 dollars at Great Clips and $67.50 on average at Regis.

Regis Salon vs. Fantastic Sams

➥ Fantastic Sams’s prices are similar to Regis However, which one is cheaper? A haircut for adults with shampoo without blow-drying is the average price of $19 at Fantastic Sams.

➥ In contrast, a similar haircut with blow-dry and shampoo costs the average price amount of $33.50 from Regis. Deep conditioning treatments cost $15 to $17 in Fantastic Sams.

➥ They’re also just 10 dollars at Regis Salons. Hair color is almost identical, with an average of $61 at Fantastic Sams and $60 at Regis.

Regis Salon vs. Cost Cutters

➥ Cost Cutters’ prices are known as being affordable, But how do they compare against Regis? The medium haircut that includes blow-dry and shampoo is just $18 in Cost Cutters, while it’s $33.50 at Regis.

➥ Deep conditioning treatments will cost you around $ 11 at Cost Cutters or $10 at Regis, which is similar in price. For all-over colors, Cost Cutters charges about $45, which is much cheaper than the $60 offered at Regis Salons.

Are Regis Salon Prices Worth the Cost?

Regis Salon Prices

➥ All in all, Regis Salon prices fit nicely within the price range for salon chains. They’re slightly more expensive than other salons’ franchised’ haircut costs.

➥ Their haircuts are also inclusive of hair shampoos and simple blow-drys, unlike many other salons. Similar to perms and color, Regis Salon prices are lower than the norm and are accessible for other services.

➥ If you’re looking for the perfect hair salon, find a Regis Salon near you with our Salon Locator.

➥ After you’ve learned about the prices, you’ll be able to be confident in booking an appointment and know precisely what you should anticipate spending!

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FAQs – Regis Salon

What days are Regis Salon open?

  • Mon-Sat 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Sun 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Are Regis and Supercuts the same company?

➥ Regis Corporation sold The Beautiful Group its Regis Salons, MasterCuts, and UK Supercuts in October 2017. With the same brand names, these salons evolved into franchisees.

Who owns Regis hair salons?

➥ From their father, Myron and Diana Kunin buy the company. 1975: Regis owns 161 salons, with $10.6 million in sales.

Who owns Regis Salons in the UK?

➥ The Beautiful Group, a multinational operator of salons financed by the Los Angeles private equity firm Regent, purchased Regis UK from its American parent company, Regis.

Are Regis and Supercuts the same company?

➥ Regis Corporation sold The Beautiful Group its Regis Salons, MasterCuts, and UK Supercuts in October 2017. With the same brand names, these salons evolved into franchisees.

Who owns Regis hair salons?

➥ From their father, Myron and Diana Kunin buy the company. 1975: Regis owns 161 salons, with $10.6 million in sales.

Who owns Regis Salons in the UK?

➥ The Beautiful Group, a multinational operator of salons financed by the Los Angeles private equity firm Regent, purchased Regis UK from its American parent company, Regis.

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