Uneven Eyebrows? We’ve Got Answers

Uneven Eyebrows Overview

Eyebrows that are full, healthy-looking, and well-defined can leave a lasting impression. However, tweezing, waxing, plucking, and other procedures meant to improve the appearance of your eyebrows can occasionally make them spotty and unruly.

Uneven Eyebrows

Botox and other cosmetic treatments like fillers can make brows appear less even. We’ll go through a few reasons why eyebrows can be uneven or spotty. We’ll also offer advice on how to measure your brows and symmetrical them.

Causes of uneven brows

Here are a few typical reasons why eyebrows could be uneven or spotty.


It might make them appear uneven to groom your eyebrows with wax, tweezers, and plucking. When attempting to even out your brows, you could occasionally keep removing hairs alternately from either side but still get dissatisfied with the outcome.

Hair loss

Hair loss from frontal fibrosing alopecia affects both your scalp and your eyebrows. Both men and women can experience this sort of hair loss, making your brows look uneven.

Botox (Botulinum Toxin)

Underneath your eyebrows are fan-shaped muscles called corrugators and muscles in the forehead, the frontalisTrusted Source. You might have had Botox injections to make the muscles that cause crow’s feet, lines between your eyebrows, or forehead wrinkles look smoother if you were worried about them.

As a side effect, one muscle may sometimes be more negatively affected by these injections than the other. This may cause your brows to appear uneven.

How to measure your brows

It would help if you took measurements to shape your brows, so they are the correct size for your face. You can use these dimensions to figure out where your brows should start, where your natural arch is, and where they should stop or come to a point.

The outside bridge of your nose should roughly line up with your brows. By placing an eyebrow pencil against the top of your nose’s outer edge and pointing it straight up, you can locate this edge. Beyond that, pulling inward could provide the illusion that your eyes are farther apart than they are.

Look closely at your brows and locate the highest place where hair is growing to confirm that you are adhering to the natural arch of your brows.

Finding your natural arch could be challenging after overplucking, waxing, or Botox. If this is the case, trace the bottom and top of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and look for where the two peaks of these tracings meet.

Use your eyebrow pencil to locate the place where your brows should meet. Place the pencil at the tip of your nostrils and tilt it, so it touches your brow at a 45-degree angle. This designates the end of the “tail” of your brow.

Tips for treating uneven eyebrows


The best remedy for uneven brows caused by overplucking is a little bit of patience. Depending on how much of your brow hair has been plucked, letting your brows grow in can take anywhere from four weeks to a year.

You might also think about gooseberry and holy basil herbal gels and lotions. These herbal salves are thought to promote thicker, quicker hair growth.


Alopecia-related brow hair loss is a little more complicated. If you want to stop your hair from falling out, you might want to think about using a gel, foam, or oral treatment.

You’ll go through the same waiting period once you’ve found a treatment that works for you until your brows are full enough to shape.

Cosmetic procedures

Your eyebrows may appear slightly unbalanced when receiving Botox for the duration of the procedure. It’s also conceivable that a few days or weeks after your initial injections, the muscle that initially appeared “frozen” will start to relax slightly.

Speak with the medical practitioner who operated if you’re dissatisfied with the results of a cosmetic procedure. They can advise getting an extra injection on the side of your face where your eyebrow seems higher. This might aid in muscular relaxation and even out the brow line.

Some people choose to have plastic surgery to match their eyebrows when one is considerably lower than the other. The procedure is known as a brow lift.

Makeup magic

When applied skillfully, makeup can give the appearance of fuller, more even brows. Uneven or incompletely symmetrical eyebrows can be filled in and evened out with an eyebrow pencil.

If the eyebrow pencil isn’t your favorite, you might try many different items. Any cosmetics counter will readily available brow powder, pomade, colour wands, brow mascara, and highlighter pencils.

For advice on how to fill in your brows with makeup techniques, watch a few YouTube clips.


Bear in mind that almost everyone has some asymmetry in their brows. Having perfectly arched eyebrows can be a little distracting since they would be the most symmetrical feature of your face.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor if you have any worries about hair loss that isn’t being explained or muscular weakness in your forehead.

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