Top 5 Trending Wick Dreads Hairstyles

Wicks are quickly assuming control of the loc community. Wick Dreads are out of this world, but standard dreadlocks look fantastic.

Musicians, athletes, social media influencers, and numerous celebrities have noticed their intriguing yet odd appearance. Want to avoid falling behind? Here is a thorough explanation of wick dreads.

What Are Wick Dreads?

Wick dreads are a hip dreadlock style that is accessible to anyone in the underground economy. On one’s head, there can be as few as four wicks.

They can be long or short, and their thickness varies. Your wicks should become as thick as they can be.

How They Got Their Name

Do you understand how a candle wick can stand upright? A firm, pointed wick shape is preferable. But some individuals want the longer, heavier dreads that hang downward and are also known as wicks.

Where They Came From

In the United States, South Florida is where the wick trend first emerged.

African Americans, more specifically members of the Afro-Haitian community, are responsible for the inception of this beautiful tradition.

Why They Are Trending in 2022

Wick dreads were initially installed by young people in the neighbourhood, but the style gained popularity after Jay-Z and Kodak Black, and other well-known figures started sporting them.

People interested in hip hop music and associated subgenres, also known as “globs” or “bonks,” frequently wear wick dreadlocks as a fashion statement or just as a part of their identity.

Key Features of Wick Dreads

If you’re interested in dreadlocks, you might wonder what distinguishes typical dreadlocks from Congos and wicks. Here are some distinctive qualities that wicks have:

Key Features of Wick Dreads

If you’re interested in dreadlocks, you might wonder what distinguishes typical dreadlocks from Congos and wicks. Here are some distinctive qualities that wicks have:

  • Wicks are substantial and sharp.
  • Wicks typically range in size from 2 to 6 inches. In a few instances, people have wicks that are up to 24 inches long.
  • Wicks have rounded, smooth ends.
  • A wick emerges from the roots as a single unit. To make them unique, the wick dread ends can either be made of one large piece or several smaller ones.

Wick Dreads Inspiration: 5 Ways to Rock the Trend

It’s fun to experiment with your wicks’ various wears. How short or long your wick dreads are will determine how many different styles you can do.

Are you sick of wearing the same old look and want to switch it up? Check out these ten unique ways to flaunt the Wick trend.

1.Rainbow Wicks With Bangs

Rainbow Wicks With Bangs

You may rock your next new hairstyle with these beautiful rainbow extensions! The rainbow’s vibrant hues will improve not only your appearance but also the emotions of others around you!

Your face will be elegantly framed by adding a vibrant fringe and a few sidelocks at the front. You may make your appearance even more lively by tying your hair up in a ponytail.

People will be drawn to you and give you friendly cookie points if you wear this hairdo.

2.Push Back

Wick Dreads Hairstyles

Locate a scarf or a lengthy band. From the hairline to the nape of your neck, tie it around your forehead.

Draw it back slowly and pull the scarf tighter. Stop wherever you feel secure and at ease.

This is often a few millimetres from your front hairline.

Your entire head of hair is kept back and confined in this wick dread style. It’s a great option if you want to project a polished image.

3. Wick Bangs

wick dreads hairstyles

If your dreads measure a minimum of six inches or more, you can apply an elastic band to secure all your wicks to the top.

Loosely leave two or three wicks across your face. This is a relaxed, casual style that can completely change your entire appearance.

4.Side Fade Cutwicked side face hairstyle

The hair will continue to expand even after you have installed the wick dreads. Re-waxing your hair wicks is a method to keep their appearance fresh and clean.

Suppose you’d like yours to appear more polished. Request your barber to create a fade that outlines the contour of your forehead.

It will blend nicely with your hairstyle.

5.Let Loosewicked lat loose hair style

Letting your wicks hang in any direction is an excellent option for wicks that aren’t big enough to secure using an elastic band.
You can literally rise from bed, get dressed, and go about your daily business without worrying about the world about the way your wicks appear.

Many people enjoy this type of style. The messier, the more appealing.

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