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What are sola salons?

Soal salons are the best hair salon store where you can go for any type of hair salon cutting so I suggest you to go Soal salons and wanna know the Soal salon’s price then you can check out the whole post to get Soal salons list.

Sola Salon Prices

Sola Salon Prices & Services

Service Cost

Sola Salon Price For Haircuts

Signature Cut $15.00
Half Cut $10.00
Ends Clipped $10.00

Sola Salon Price For Color

Small Section $15.00
Highlights (Half) $50.00
Highlights (Whole) $85.00
Tips (Half) $50.00
Tips (Whole) $70.00
Each Additional Color $15.00
Whole Head (1 Color) $35.00
Rinse $10.00
Uncolor Process $20.00 and up

Sola Salon Price For Texture Modifications

Touch-Up Relaxers (Children) $15.00
Touch-Up Relaxers (Adults) $25.00
Half Touch-Up Relaxers (Children) $15.00
Half Touch-Up Relaxers (Adults) $15.00
Touch-Up Texture Softeners (Children) $25.00
Touch-Up Texture Softeners (Adults) $35.00
Virgin Relaxers (Children) $40.00
Virgin Relaxers (Adults) $40.00 and up
Virgin Texture Softeners (Children) $45.00
Virgin Texture Softeners (Adults) $40.00 and up

Sola Salon Price For Treatments

Deep Conditioner / Hot Oil Treatment $15.00
Aphogee / Protein Treatment $25.00

Sola Salon Price For Sets

Relaxed (Children) $30.00
Relaxed (Adults) $40.00
Natural (Children) $40.00
Natural (Adults) $50.00

Sola Salon Price For Special Sets

Relaxed (Children) $15.00
Relaxed (Adults) $25.00
Natural (Children) $15.00
Natural (Adults) $25.00

Sola Salon Price For Dreadlock

Retwist (Children) $30.00
Retwist (Adults) $40.00
Twisties (Children) $40.00
Twisties (Adults) $50.00
Retwist Style (Children) $10.00 and up
Retwist Style (Adults) $15.00 and up
Dreadlock Repair (Each) $10.00

Sola Salon Price For Extension Install

Individual Extension $5.00
Half Quick Bond Extensions $15.00
Quick Bond Extensions $35.00
Quick Bond Extension Tightening $15.00
Half Sew-In Extensions $60.00
Full Sew-In Extensions $110.00
Versatile Sew-In Extensions $160.00
Non-Traditional Sew-In Extensions $210.00
Fusion Extensions $360.00
Sew-In Extension Tightening $20.00

Sola Salon Studios Haircut prices

Signature Cut $15.00
Half Cut $10.00
Ends Clipped $10.00

Sola Salon Hours

Days Hours
Monday 11:00 AM–8:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM–8:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM–8:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM–8:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM–8:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM–6:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 AM–7:00 PM

Sola Salon Near Me Location

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Sola Salon Prices & Services FAQ

How much does a Sola suite cost?

A Sola Salon suite costs about $300 per week. You will need to pay a 2-week deposit prior to moving in. The salon will pay for your license, but you’ll need to renew your own insurance at the start of each year.

How do Sola Salons work?

Sola Salons is the reason. Coworking business model . The franchisees rent large retail spaces and then divide them into their own salon shops. Sola allows stylists to set up their own business by paying rent.

Who is the owner of Sola salon?

Sola Salon Studios was established in 2004 with the vision of creating beautiful, move-in-ready salons. Matt Briger and Stratton Smith were co-founders We set out to create a vibrant community of independent beauty professionals that could make a living and have a career they love.

What does Sola Salon include?

24/7 online book, a simple interface for notifications and reminders. Notifications and reminders are also available. Sola Sessions: Sola Sessions is a special education event featuring some of the most prominent artists and educators in the industry.

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