SmartStyle Prices And Services

SmartStyle Prices And Services

SmartStyle Prices

➥ Make sure you are aware of SmartStyle pricing prior to visiting.

➥ For every service they do, from haircuts to highlights, we have a detailed price list. Learn more by reading on.

Are SmartStyle Salons Expensive?

➥ The largest salon company in the world, Regis, is the owner of the statewide chain of SmartStyle salons.

➥ They are conveniently accessible inside each Walmart store and have locations all over the continent.

➥ Typically, you would anticipate chain salons to charge less for hair treatments.

➥ The solution is undoubtedly SmartStyle! For a variety of hair services, visit SmartStyle.

➥ They provide chemical procedures like perms, relaxers, colours, and highlights, in contrast to many other salon businesses.

SmartStyle Prices

➥ They assist men, women, and kids. Here, you may get hair cuts, colours, perms, hairstyles, and waxing treatments.

➥ The cost of SmartStyle is reasonable, and they are significantly less expensive compared to typical haircuts and colour costs.

➥ For children, haircuts start at around $10.95, while for adults, they start at about $13.37.

➥ The complete highlights service, which costs about $67, is the most expensive item on their menu.

➥ This salon can be ideal if you’re on a tight budget because the charges are significantly lower than the industry standard.Additionally, SmartStyle sells items for professional hair care.

➥ Well-known brands, including Paul Mitchell, Biolage, DESIGNLINE, Sexy Hair, and Nioxin, are available from them.

➥ When you hire a SmartStyle stylist, they will use these products.

➥ They guarantee that you can achieve the same appearance and final effect at home by making them available for purchase.

➥ They frequently distribute coupons for price breaks on their professional product lines.

➥ Let’s look at how much SmartStyle costs, what services they provide, how to receive coupons and discounts, and where to find the store closest to you.

SmartStyle Prices

➥ Prices at SmartStyle are significantly lower than those of other salons.

➥ At these places, haircuts don’t cost the typical $53, though! At SmartStyle, you’ll pay a small portion of that.

➥ We’ve uncovered price lists for many SmartStyle establishments across the nation.

➥ The highest, lowest, and average pricing for SmartStyle services were then calculated.

➥ To view the average costs for each service, look at the column to the far right.

➥ Though we tried to obtain a representative sample of SmartStyle’s prices across the country, your local store may offer prices that are somewhat cheaper or higher than what you see here.

➥ Below is a detailed list of prices for every service that SmartStyle provides.

➥ We’ll then look more closely at their services and what each entails.

SmartStyle Prices: High, Low, and Average

➥ We sampled the service menus at sites in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arkansas to create our list of SmartStyle costs.

Service High Low Average
Express Haircut $15.50 $13.37 $14.34
Kids Cut $12.27 $10.95 $11.49
Kids Cut and Express Dry $13.95 $13.95 $13.95
Cut and Shampoo $18.50 $16.27 $17.34
Cut, Shampoo, and Basic Style $21.27 $20.27 $20.77
Cut, Shampoo, and Full Style $31.27 $30.27 $30.77
Partial Highlights and Cut $47.27 $45.27 $46.27
All-Over Color and Cut $62.27 $49.95 $57.49
Full Highlights and Cut $67.27 $49.95 $60.83
Perm $44.95 $44.95 $44.95
Virgin Relaxer $49.95 $49.95 $49.95
Basic Style $14.95 $14.95 $14.95
Specialty Style $26.95 $26.95 $26.95
Conditioning Treatments Price Varies Price Varies Price Varies
Waxing Price Varies Price Varies Price Varies

➥ Please note that prices vary by location and store, so this list should only be a rough guide to what you expect to pay.

SmartStyle Services

SmartStyle Prices

➥ A variety of hair care services are available from SmartStyle.

➥ To obtain a haircut, trim, basic hairstyle, particular occasion hairdo, colour, highlights, a perm, a relaxer, or a deep conditioning treatment, go to one of their locations inside Walmart. Even provide waxing services!

➥ They offer complimentary bonuses with several of their services. Let’s examine each service they provide in detail and what is included.

Haircut Services

➥ The SmartStyle hair salon offers flexible scheduling. You can choose the quick Express Haircut and completely omit the shampoo bowl.

➥ If you have time, you can also have a whole style, shampoo, conditioner, and a soothing scalp massage in addition to your haircut.

Express Haircut:

➥  Instead of shampooing your hair, your hairdresser will spritz it with a spray bottle to save you time. After your haircut, this service includes towel drying.

Haircut and Shampoo:

➥  Before your haircut, your stylist gives you a scalp massage, shampoos and conditions your hair to provide you with a more abundant hair experience. However, there is no blow dry included in this service.

Haircut, Shampoo, and Basic Style: 

➥ Your stylist gives you a basic style, shampoos and conditioning your hair, massages your scalp, and utilizes a blow dryer.

Haircut, Shampoo, and Full Style: 

➥ Your stylist gives you a scalp massage, shampoos and conditioning of your hair, and then blow-dries it. Then, they use a curling or flat iron to complete the style with a whole look.

Kids Haircut: 

➥ This service, often provided to children aged ten and younger, involves a quick trim (no shampoo) and towel drying.

Kids Haircut and Shampoo: 

➥ This service, often provided to children aged ten and under, includes shampoo, conditioner, a head massage, and towel drying.

Bang or Beard Trim: 

➥ Your stylist gives you a short bang or beard cut to maintain your appearance current.

➥ Please be aware that if your hair is longer than shoulder length, there may be an additional fee for haircut services. Ask your hairdresser whether there will be an extra cost due to the size of your hair.

Hair Styling Services

➥ For any occasion, whether casual or formal, SmartStyle salons provide a variety of hair styling services.

➥ Your stylist will recreate any look you love if you bring a photo of it.

➥ These are the style options that your nearby SmartStyle will provide.

Primary Style: 

➥ Using only the blow dryer and no hot equipment, your stylist will give you an essential style ideal for every day.

Full Style: 

➥ Choose the whole style, which includes curling iron or flat iron hot tool styling, whether you want curls or sleek, straight hair.

Luxury Style: 

➥ For weddings, proms, parties, and other important occasions, a luxury style is ideal. Using curling irons or flat irons, elaborate techniques, and braids are examples of luxury hairstyles.


➥ Before treating your hair with a hot tool, your stylist can give you a Thermasmooth treatment to help you make the most of your new look (curling or flat iron).

➥ Impressive, ultra-smooth, and lustrous hair is the consequence of this treatment.

➥ Please be aware that if your hair is longer than shoulder length, there may be an additional fee for hairstyle services. Ask your hairdresser whether there will be an additional cost due to your long hair.

Chemical Services

➥ SmartStyle provides alternatives so you can receive the exact relaxer, perm, or hair colour (all-over or highlighted) you want.

➥ Based on the places you wish to colour or alter the hair’s texture, they provide various chemical procedures. The following are the chemical services offered by your neighbourhood SmartStyle.

All-Over Color: 

➥ For an even but dimensional colour, your stylist will apply your preferred colour shade and permanence (demi-, semi-, or permanent) all over the head.

➥ For you to see the effects, this service includes free shampoo, conditioner, and blow-drying.

Partial Highlights: 

➥ Instead of covering the entire head, partial highlights are dispersed in discrete areas. Your hairdresser will apply bleach in as many as 15 foils where you specify, wash and condition your hair, give you a scalp massage, and blow dry it to see the results.

Full Highlights: 

➥ Your stylist will apply bleach in foils all over your head if you want highlights to lighten your hair colour. They will then shampoo, condition, give you a scalp massage, and blow dry your hair to show you the effects.


➥ To get the ideal curl shape, your stylist will roll your hair onto specialized rods. Chemical treatments will then be used to establish the curl permanently. 

➥ The shampoo, condition, scalp massage, haircut (if desired), and express blow dry are all included with this package. Select from a partial perm (up to 10 rods), a complete perm, or a speciality perm.

Specialty Perm:

➥ A custom perm, such as a spiral, speciality perm roll, or a perm for very long, thick hair, is something you should inquire about with your stylist. The shampoo, condition, scalp massage, and express blow-dry are all included in this package.

Virgin Relaxer: 

➥ A relaxer will soften the hair’s natural curl for a smooth, frizz-free finish. 

➥ For hair that has never undergone chemical or physical relaxation, SmartStyle puts “virgin relaxer” on their service menu; however, for an extra fee, they may also apply relaxers to processed hair. 

➥ This package includes express blow-drying, a scalp massage, shampoo, and conditioner.

➥ If your hair is longer than shoulder-length, there may be an extra fee for any chemical service. During your consultation, be sure to ask your stylist how much the total cost will be for your hair length.

Other Services

➥ More than only haircuts, hairstyles, and chemical services are offered by SmartStyle; they also provide deep conditioning treatments and waxing to enhance hair’s sheen, smoothness, and health.

➥ Here are some more benefits that your neighbourhood shop offers.


➥ After consulting with you to decide your desired outcome (such as brow shape, thickness, and arch), your stylist or esthetician will apply hot wax to the targeted area to remove hair.

➥ Pick 1, 2, or 3 spots to polish on the chin, lips, and eyebrows. Before you start, please inquire with your stylist about waxing charges since they vary per salon.

Deep conditioning treatments: 

➥ Your stylist can revive your hair with a deep conditioning treatment that rejuvenates dull, dry, or damaged hair by repairing, smoothing, and adding shine. 

➥ A primary, speciality, or two-step Malibu deep conditioning treatment is available. Your stylist can assist you in making the treatment decision that will work best for your hair type.

SmartStyle Coupons

SmartStyle Prices

➥ You’re lucky if you’re looking to cut costs when you shop at SmartStyle!

➥ This nationwide chain of salons frequently offers coupons and extraordinary deals for their customers.

➥ Since franchisees separately own and run each SmartStyle site, the discounts and special offers made available at each location will differ significantly.

➥ On their website, SmartStyle makes it simple to find out what deals and coupons are offered in the salon of your choice.

➥ Find out what special offers are presently offered at your neighbourhood salon by visiting the SmartStyle coupon page.

➥ Give the website permission to see your location or enter your zip code to browse salons in the area.

➥ Dollar-off coupons (we’ve seen $2 to $5 off haircuts), BOGO offers, product discounts, and even free haircuts for new customers are some of the usual coupons and promotions available.

SmartStyle – How to Cut Drying Time

Go to a SmartStyle store nearby.

➥ You’re prepared to locate a SmartStyle salon in your area now that you’ve seen how affordable their costs are and what each service they offer covers.

➥ To discover the establishments near you, visit our salon directory and input your zip code.

➥ Keep in mind that Walmart locations have SmartStyle salons. Therefore, if there is a Walmart in your area, it might also have a SmartStyle!

➥ You can download SmartStyle’s new mobile app after finding a location near you to make an appointment up to three days in advance.

➥ Please enter your zip code in the SmartStyle app after downloading it from your app store.

➥ When the closest place is displayed, you can:

➥ Find out how long you expect to wait.

➥ Make an appointment right now or up to three days beforehand.

➥ Book for close family or friends

➥ Before arriving, check in to reduce wait times.

➥ Complete a preferences profile to select a location, stylist, preferred booking time, and more.

➥ Get emails or notifications to remind you of upcoming appointments.

➥ One of the primary incentives to attend these salons is the SmartStyle pricing overall.

➥ Their costs are incredibly reasonable compared to many of their rivals.

➥ You can’t beat their prices for simple haircuts, which cost an average of $14, a whole haircut experience, which costs an average of $30, and colours and highlights, which cost as little as $49.95.

➥ Additionally, you can be confident that SmartStyle stylists can give you the precise style you want due to their convenient locations inside Walmart stores and many excellent client reviews.

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