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So my friends don’t worry cause here I will know you about all the Regal Nails Near Me near you so you can visit the Regal Nails where the Regal Nails is Nearby you.

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Regal Nails Near Me Locations

Regal Nails Near Me Locations

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Regal Nails is a Walmart brand?

Wal-Mart initially agreed to test locations. The chain opened 15 more trial locations in 1998. “We moved from there,” said ” Charlie”, founder of Regal Nails, Baton Rouge, La. Regal Nails opened more than 100 Wal-Mart stores each year since then, with 124 salons opening in 2006.

What is the cost of a pedicure at Regal Nails in Walmart?

Regal Nails Prices | Walmart Nail Salon Prices
Regal Nails Prices for Natural Nail Care
Pedicure $17.00
Pedicure spa & French design $35.00
Manicure & pedicure-French for nails and toes $55.00
White or color tip-Full Set solar with gel and pedicure spa $75.00

Regal Nails can accept a Walmart gift certificate?

You can use Walmart Gift Card for Regal Nails. The recipient will be advised that they use Regal Nails Gift Card in Walmart. This gift card can also be used at MasterCard locations. Refer to the cardholder agreement.

How long does Mani Pedi take?

Between 30-60 minutes
They can be restorative, relaxing, and essential for nail health. The process is quick and takes between 30-60 minutes.

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