Nails 4 U Prices And Services

Nails 4 U Prices in 2022

➥ Nails 4 U : The Classic Manicure costs $15.00 at Nails 4 U, and the Classic Pedicure costs $25.00. The salon provides more services in addition to doing nails.

➥ Salon Nails 4 U is distinctive. They have the most outstanding nail technicians to keep up with recent nail fashions and trends.

Nails 4 U Prices

➥ The most recent Nails 4 U service costs are listed below.




Classic Pedicure $25.00
French Pedicure $30.00
Deluxe Pedicure $40.00
Nu Skin Deluxe Spa Pedicure $45.00
Shellac Pedicure $35.00
Shellac Pedicure French $40.00
Shellac Gel Polish Change on Feet $20.00


Classic Manicure $15.00
French Manicure $20.00
Deluxe Manicure $25.00
Shellac Manicure $25.00
Shellac Manicure French $30.00
Shellac Gel Polish Change on Hand $20.00

Nails 4 U Operating Hours

Monday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Tuesday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Thursday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Friday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Saturday 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Sunday 9:30 am – 6:30 pm

Nails 4 U Services

Shellac Pedicure

➥ At Nails 4 U, the popular Shellac Pedicure includes buffing and combing your cuticles and cutting and shaping your natural toenails.

➥ It includes massaging your feet with lotion before having your preferred polish gel applied.

Classic Pedicure

➥ Your cuticles are groomed and polished after your natural toenails have been trimmed and shaped.

➥ Five minutes of foot massage with lotion and orange sea salt are followed by applying the polish colour of your choice to your toe nails.

French Manicure

➥ Your cuticles are buffed and groomed, and your natural fingernails are clipped and sculpted.

➥ After applying Nails 4 U’s hand lotion to soothe your hands, French polish is used to give your fingernails a smooth finish.

Deluxe Manicure

➥ Your natural fingernails and cuticles are trimmed, shaped, polished, and groomed before a sugar scrub is used to remove dead skin cells and give your hands a healthy glow.

➥ The effect is completed with a hot cloth and your choice of polish or buff.


➥ Available for the chin, chin and neck, half and full arms, half and full legs, bikini line, stomach and chest, full bikini line, half and back legs, Brazilian wax, chest and back, whole and back legs, stomach and back, and shoulder and back.

➥ Full face, excluding the brows. Larger areas, including the back, chest, and other body parts, can be waxed starting at $100.

Hair Services

➥ Hair Nails Boys and men can also get services from 4 U salons. Haircuts, beard or moustache trimming, hair colouring, shampoo, neck or bang trimming, haircuts for boys, conditioning oil therapy, and sideburn trimming are all available.

➥ The cost varies according to the hair’s length and thickness. Additionally, men’s hair services must include full styling.

➥ Women can choose from a broader range of hair styling options, including the following:

Haircut with styling

➥ Set with shampoo, haircut, and blowout.

➥ Set with shampoo, haircut, and roller set.

➥ Curling and styling.

➥ Up-do.

➥ Hair extension with a minimum of ten pieces.

➥ Set with haircut, styling, and perm.

➥ Set with haircut, styling, and colour.

➥ Set of partial highlight, haircut, and styling.

➥ Set of full highlight, haircut, and styling.

➥ Set with a perm, touch-up, haircut, and styling.

➥ Set of partial highlight, touch-up, haircut, and styling.

➥ Permanent hair straightening.

Nail Enhancements

➥ You can choose between acrylic or gel nail enhancements at Nails 4 U. Women who naturally have brittle or weak nails are advised to use the former.

➥ The latter is appropriate for people who might be allergic to or chemically sensitive to acrylics and for those who have nails that need a tiny bit of strengthening or polish life.

➥ Complete sets for acrylic and gel enhancements are available at $15 and $40, respectively.

Additional and Combo Services

➥ In addition, the hands and feet can have their polish changed, their paraffin waxed, their nails repaired, or their nails designed.

➥ Combination services include Shellac Manicure and Pedicure, Deluxe Manicure, Shellac and Deluxe Pedicure, French Manicure and French Pedicure, and French Pedicure, and Shellac Manicure and Pedicure.

Facial Services

➥ At Nails 4 U, a standard face service lasts 65 minutes and includes a shoulder, arm, and leg massage.

➥ A face shave with a blade, a rejuvenation facial, a 20-minute wet mini facial, a 65-minute anti-acne facial, a vitamin facial, and a 65-minute anti-aging facials are among the available services.

➥ The costs for facial procedures range from $20 to $80.


➥ Nails 4 U now offers a wide variety of eyelashes. Several options are available, including Party Eyelashes Extension, Eyelash Tinting, Eyelash Curling, and Deluxe Eyelashes Extension (which is done one eyelash at a time and costs $100 and up).

➥ While curled eyelashes can last up to three months, tinted and coloured eyelashes only endure for four weeks each.


➥ Nails 4 U has a plethora of products, including:

➥ Nail preparation solution.

➥ Cuticle oil.

➥ First base coat.

➥ Nail bonding primer.

➥ Acid-free primer polish.

➥ Glossy top coat.

➥ Gel wraps.

➥ Nail files.

➥ Glitter polish.

➥ Sanding boards.

➥ Buffer blocks.

➥ Nail art.

➥ Glaze coat.

➥ Hand sanitisers.

➥ Cuticle remover.

➥ Standing boards.

About Nails 4 U

In its original location, which was Portugal in 2006 in Madrid, it has been mentioned in publications like Maxima, Vogue, and Sabado magazines.

Numerous states in the U.S., including Georgia, Oklahoma, Arizona, New York, Michigan, Utah, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, and Ontario in Canada, have Nails 4 U salons.

FAQ – Nails 4 U Prices And Services

Can I make an appointment online at nails 4 U?

Online appointments can be made right here, 24 hours a day, if you have a specific time in mind. We are proud that the professionals at Nails 4 U & Spa give the best manicures and pedicures around. We keep you calm, refreshed, and 100% happy with our service by following rules about safety and cleanliness.

What forms of payment does nails 4 U accept?

What kinds of payments can be made? Credit cards can be used at Nails 4 U. How do people rate Nails 4 U? 2.5 stars for Nails 4 U.

Can you use a credit card on nails 4 U?

Nails 4 U accepts credit cards. How is Nails 4 U rated? Nails 4 U has 4.5 stars.

How much do full sets of nails cost?

For a basic set of long acrylic nails, nail salons usually charge between $20 and $50.


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