How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ What does laser hair removal cost? The quick answer is that the price of laser hair removal can range from $75 to $900 for giant areas.

➥ We’ll outline what to expect from a session in the sections that follow, along with some advice for making the most of your (very costly) investment in yourself.

Laser Hair Removal Cost Guide

➥ An increasingly popular alternative to shaving and waxing is laser hair removal. This almost painless operation can be performed on little or significant sections of the body to give you smooth skin wherever you want it.

➥ Check out this tutorial if you feel laser hair removal is out of your budget. You’ll observe that the cost of this technique, which averages $143 per therapy session, is pretty reasonable.

➥ Depending on your location, the professional doing the treatment, the region of hair removal, and other factors, laser hair removal might cost a lot of money.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ We’ll discuss the various pricing considerations and what to budget for laser hair removal. Determining how much laser hair removal will cost is the first step if you’re ready to give up shaving, Nair, and waxing.

➥ Read on to learn more about laser hair removal, how much it costs, and how your final bill will be determined.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ By exposing hair follicles to laser light pulses, laser hair removal is a cosmetic surgery that removes hair. The powerful laser destroys the hair follicle at its source to stop hair from growing back in the treated region.

➥ Although laser hair removal has been used for years, it has only recently become a commercially viable therapy.

➥ The laser’s powerful light beam penetrates down the length of each hair shaft, heating the hair follicles there as it does so.

➥ The follicles are destroyed by heat, which stops new hair development. The eradication of hair using a laser is selective.

➥ The surrounding skin is unaffected since the lasers only focus on the “dark matter” (melanin, the pigment that gives dark hair its color) under the skin.

➥ This implies that light hair that is strawberry blonde, blonde, or white won’t respond well to laser hair removal. This is due to the pigmentation of pheomelanin in light-colored hair.

➥ Melanin levels in the hair must be sufficient for the laser to target it. The laser may also have less success identifying melanin in the follicles beneath your skin if you have dark skin.

➥ Laser hair removal is frequently performed in sessions to obtain the desired smooth effect.

➥ A laser treatment typically requires 5-7 sessions for total hair removal, and fewer sessions are necessary for smaller areas or regions with less dense hair growth.

➥ Sessions for laser hair removal are typically spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart. This allows the hair to complete its development cycle and makes new hairs available for laser treatment.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ Each extra laser hair removal session will cost more because it must be done in sessions.Considering this surgery, you should learn how much it can cost per session.

➥ According to, a session typically costs around $143.Plan on spending an average of $715 to $1,000 for total hair removal in a specific location because complete hair removal requires multiple sessions.

Treatment Area Average Cost Range
Face $250 – $650
Lip only $100 – $300
Chin only $100 – $300
Sideburns $75 – $150
Chest $150 – $450
Underarms $150 – $250
Back $300 – $800
Abdomen $150 – $400
Butt $250 – $400
Half legs $250 – $650
Full Legs $600 – $850
Half arms $250 – $650
Full arms $350 – $500
Bikini line $150 – $450
Brazilian $250 – $500

➥ Although we’ve listed the most popular areas of laser hair removal and the typical cost for each, bear in mind that these prices are the average across the nation.

➥ The costs you pay locally could differ from the ones you’ll see.

➥ You can see that the more significant areas are typically more expensive than smaller ones with less hair.

➥ There is a way to get laser hair removal on the sideburns for just $75. However, you can pay up to $800 to get laser hair removal on a more significant back part.

Laser Hair Removal Cost Factors

➥ What factors influence the total price of hair removal using lasers? The final price will depend on the extent to which hair removal is performed, the session duration, the number of sessions, desired volume of hair removed, the location, expert knowledge,


➥ The area of the clinic or establishment where you undergo laser hair removal will impact the price. In areas with high demand, prices can increase due to more specialists who know the process.

➥ If you are in a crowded area with several options for hair removal using lasers and competition is high, this region can reduce costs.

➥ In any event, the average cost of living can be an excellent indicator of the cost of laser hair removal. The areas with higher living costs will be reflected in the price that lasers charge.

Facility and Specialist

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ There are various kinds of facilities that offer the option of laser removal. The kind of facility you pick and the expert who will perform the procedure will impact the amount of cost you in the end.

➥ The costs will be lower if you visit the hospital or medical clinic for treatment with a technician who uses lasers.

➥ A cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist visit to remove hair using lasers can cost more. However, it may also give you more results because of the latest technology and expertise.

Treatment Area

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ The treatment area influences the total price of the treatment with lasers. Small areas, such as the lips and chin, the underarms, or the bikini line, cost less per session than more prominent areas, such as those on the arms, back, and legs.

➥ It is possible to cover only a portion of the area you want to reduce the cost.

➥ For example:  

  •  Half legs vs full legs  
  •  Half arms vs full arms  
  •  Bikini line vs Brazilian  
  •  Lip or chin vs full face

Hair and Skin Color

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ Laser treatments to remove hair concentrate dark hairs, contrasting with lighter skin tones the best. If you have dark hair or light skin, it can be more complicated than the laser to focus on your hair precisely.

➥ That means more sessions are needed for complete hair removal for patients with light hair or dark skin: the more sessions you have, the higher the cost. So long as your hair’s darker than the complexion, you could target the laser.

➥ However, if your skin’s tone is extremely dark, it could draw the laser’s heat, resulting in burns or damage to the skin.

➥ A laser hair removal professional will consult with the client to assess their suitability for this removal method.

Session Length

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ Each laser hair removal session is time-consuming, and the length each session lasts is an essential factor in the total cost of the procedure.

➥ If you only have a tiny region treated, such as the underarms, every session will be short.

➥ However, if your arms, legs, or back are treated, every session will be longer due to the larger area to treat. In most centers, longer sessions will increase the price, but shorter sessions decrease costs.

➥ The majority of treatments using lasers last 60 minutes or less. Make sure you consult your prospective laser hair removal expert to determine the length of each session that should last for the areas you’d like to be treated.

Number of Sessions

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ It’s not just the duration of each treatment that influences the price of hair removal using lasers, as well as the number of sessions needed to achieve the desired outcome. The amount of sessions required varies.

➥ However, most patients require between 4 and 8 sessions. Most patients require 5-7 sessions for total hair removal in a region.

➥ Be aware that your hair color and skin tone will determine how effective each laser treatment will be. You may require more than eight sessions – as many as 12 – in light of lighter hair colors or dark skin tones.

Desired Amount of Hair Removal

➥ Each session will remove 10% to 30 percent of hair in the treatment area. You may require a session or two sessions if you’re not seeking an ultra-smooth result but want to reduce hair growth.

➥ Men who like to cut their facial hair more enjoyable while still allowing enough hair for beards in the future usually decide to have two or three sessions to reduce the amount of hair growth.

➥ A shorter number of sessions will result in lower costs.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right for You?

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ The thought of the cost of laser hair removal is the reason that keeps many from starting the process. If you thought this treatment would be expensive, now you realize that the expense of laser removal may be pretty affordable.

➥ However, do you think laser removal is the best option for you? Are you better off continuing to shave, wax depilate, or pluck the areas you’d like hair-free? Here’s what you must think about.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal vs. Other Techniques

➥ The total cost of laser hair removal in several sessions is approximate $715-$1,000 on average, comparable to electrolysis costs of around $45 per session.

➥ However, it takes up to 30 treatments ($1,350) to remove all hair. In comparison to the expense of shaving waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams, laser hair removal costs more in the beginning (but is much more practical)

  • Shaving: Average cost of $15.87/month or $10,207 in a lifetime  
  •  Waxing: Average cost of $35.76/month or $23,000 in a lifetime  
  •  Depilatory cream: Average cost of $7.98/month or $5,131 in a lifetime

➥ There’s a higher upfront cost for laser hair removal. However, it’s cheaper in the long run than shaving, waxing, or applying depilatory creams like Nair.

Pain During Laser Hair Removal Procedure

➥ If the cost is feasible for you, then the next factor to consider is the pain associated with laser removal of hair.

➥ The procedure isn’t meant to be painful. However, you’ll feel the sensation of snapping like the snapping of a rubber band against your skin.

➥ Experts suggest that the region being treated is a significant factor in the amount of pain you’ll experience.

➥ The more sensitive areas, such as the underarms and bikini region, might cause more pain than those with thicker skin, such as the legs and arms.

Permanence of Results

➥ Also, it would help if you thought about the outcomes you could achieve with laser hair elimination. The procedure can damage hair follicles using light that transforms into heat.

➥ After several sessions, the damage will be so severe that it will eliminate the hair follicles, resulting in the permanent removal of hair. But, in some cases, that doesn’t happen.

➥ Follicles damaged in the laser procedure are likely to develop back. Certain patients must undergo additional sessions yearly or more following the initial procedure.

➥ This could lower the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the total cost of this procedure for you. It’s best to be aware of this before having the procedure performed to ensure you don’t get any unexpected costs.

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth the Cost?

Laser Hair Removal Cost

➥ The final decision on whether this treatment will be the best option for you depends on your preferences and requirements.

➥ If you’re tired of shaving, using wax, plucking, or applying creams for depilatory purposes to eliminate hair that isn’t yours, laser hair removal is an excellent alternative.

➥ The time you’ll be able to save by not having to deal with hair removal every week can add up.

➥ Also, the peace of mind which comes from being completely smooth and without effort is pure bliss.

➥ Do thorough research to find your region’s top laser hair removal expert. This will ensure that you receive the best results possible with plenty of information during consultation and the confidence that the results last for a long time.

Laser Hair Removal – How does it work?


FAQs – Laser Hair Removal

Does laser hair removal go forever?

➥ Laser hair removal is a virtually permanent procedure that stops hair growth forever so that you can quit shaving or waxing altogether.

➥ The only method that approaches permanent, long-lasting hair reduction is in-salon laser hair removal since it targets the hair deep within the follicle, ultimately killing it.

How painful is laser hair removal?

➥ Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable, although it usually isn’t as uncomfortable as other hair removal methods, particularly waxing.

➥ Many people compare the sensation of laser hair removal to that of a rubber band snapping on their skin.

Is laser hair removal cancerous?

➥ Can laser hair removal cause cancer? The idea that laser hair removal might lead to cancer is untrue. In reality, the Skin Care Foundation claims that the technique is occasionally used to treat particular kinds of precancerous lesions. Sun damage and wrinkles are treated with several types of lasers.

Is laser hair removal worth the money?

Cost of laser hair removal on average. Many people view laser hair removal as a beauty investment.

➥ Although it is more expensive than shaving or waxing, you will eventually save money on body hair removal expenditures when treatments are no longer required. The cost of this operation depends on a variety of factors.

Is laser hair removal permanent on the face?

➥ No. To prevent the growth of new hairs, laser hair removal heats the hair follicles.

➥ In contrast to shaving and waxing, this causes the hair follicles to go into a state of dormancy for an extended period.

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