LA Nails Prices And Services

LA Nails Prices in 2022

➥ LA Nails is a full-service business that provides skin, hair, and nail services. Additionally, they provide waxing, eyelash extensions, manicures, pedicures, hand and body massages, and hair styling and treatments.

LA Nails Prices

➥ There are several locations of LA Nails throughout the US, and the costs at LA Nails are reasonable.

➥ LA Nails keeps its locations spotless and creates a welcoming atmosphere for its clients. Generally speaking, LA Nails offers more cheap services than its top rival.

➥ LA Nails provides hand and foot spa services along with manicures and pedicures. A complimentary paraffin soak is also offered at hand spas.

LA Nails Prices


LA Nails Spa Services

Traditional Manicure $13.00
Traditional Manicure–With paraffin $18.00
Spa Manicure $20.00
Spa Manicure–With paraffin $18.00
Traditional Pedicure $20.00
Traditional Pedicure–With paraffin $25.00
Spa Pedicure $30.00
Spa Pedicure–With paraffin $35.00
Traditional Combo $30.00
Spa Combo $45.00

LA Nails Nails Services

Full Sets $30.00
Overlay $22.00
Sculpture Nails $35.00
Fill-ins $15.00
Gel Power Nails $30.00
Gel Fills $30.00
With gel coating & French $23.00
Pink and White $35.00
Permanent American Nails $35.00
Pink Fill $18.00
Pink & White Fill $25.00
French or American Tips–Hands $3.00
French or American Tips–Toes $5.00
Nail Designs $3.00
Gel Coating $5.00
Gel Coating–French $8.00
Nail Removal $10.00
Nail Removal–Full Set $5.00
Nail Removal–Manicure $5.00
Repair $3.00
Polish Change–Hands $5.00
Polish Change–Toes $7.00
Nails cut down Free with
any services
Nails cut down and polish $7.00
Paraffin–Hands $5.00

LA Nails Waxing

Eyebrows $10.00
Chin $7.00
Upper Lip $8.00
Upper Forehead $10.00

Operating Hours

Monday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

What Are The Services of LA Nails?

LA Nails Prices

➥  They are offered by LA Nails, along with the choice of hand and foot spa treatments.

➥ Scrub, massage, and pedicure are all included in the standard package at the pedicure spa, and the massage and warmed towels are included in the manicure spa services.

➥ The experts at the LA Nails salon can also shape nails without using glue, nail tips, or extensions.

➥ Instead, they offer acrylic fill-ins and nail art, which prevents the nails from breaking and cracking. Gel Power Nails is another LA Nails service that strengthens the nails by causing them to connect.

➥ Another service is NU Pedicure, which uses an exclusive, premium line of spa products while the feet are soaked, cleansed, and massaged.

➥ Children of clients can also get a manicure and pedicure. Nail technicians that are skilled and competent may handle clients of any age.

➥ LA Nails also offer chin, upper lip, and eyebrow waxing.

Why Choose LA Nails?

➥ The atmosphere at LA Nails is tidy and clean, and it is accommodating. The furnishings are pretty soothing, and the nail experts are highly skilled at customer service.

➥ To maintain healthy nails on the hands and feet, LA Nails promises to clean, smoothen, and file its customers’ nails.

➥ Then clean the filth under the nail with warm water and massage the skin and nails with warm oil to keep them healthy.

➥ It is essential to moisturise the nail since it keeps it healthy and natural and stops it from splitting.

➥ LA Nails makes sure that its employees only use sanitised equipment. To prevent infection and the transmission of bacteria, for instance, they treat every customer using clean nail cutters, pushers, files, and brushes. In addition, LA Nails’ pricing is reasonable.

LA Nails Products Sold

➥ While you can occasionally buy the newest shades from the seasonal collections of your favourite salon-quality nail brands, including OPI, LA Nails primarily takes pride in being a full-service manicure salon rather than a retail establishment.

➥ Additionally, find out whether your neighbourhood salon offers gift cards, which are convenient yet coveted presents for your friends, family, and coworkers.

What Are People Saying About LA Nails?

➥ The customer is ecstatic about her experience with LA Nails. Reviews frequently highlight how excellent the services are and how affordable LA Nails’ costs are.

➥ They mention the spa’s cleanliness and how accommodating the chairs and other furnishings are.

➥ Most reviewers also highlighted how visiting LA Nails benefited their hands, feet, and nails.

➥ Also mentioned is how polite the knowledgeable personnel is and how they don’t push for needless additional services.

➥ A client said her manicure was so neatly and expertly completed that even three days later, it still looked flawless and new.

➥ It’s simple to understand why LA Nails is such a sought-after item. You will obtain quality at LA Nails because it goes a long way.

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LA Nails Contact Us


➥ 41890 Hayes Rd, Clinton Twp, MI 48038

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official website:


About – LA Nails

LA Nails Prices

➥ In its home city of Los Angeles, LA Nails opened its first facility in 1996.

➥ From there, it spread quickly throughout the la Angeles region before moving on to other major cities, initially settling in Dallas with numerous prime locations.

➥ These days, it can be found in almost all states, with many places being simple to detect in even the busiest suburbs.

➥ However, Bethesda, Maryland, now serves as the location of its headquarters.

➥ The objective of LA Nails was to grow into a significant and reputable brand recognised for superior goods and services.

➥ These objectives have undoubtedly been met, and prices have remained low.

➥ The company ensures that its staff acquire the required continuing education as part of their jobs to keep them up to date with changing fashion trends and safety regulations.

➥ The salon offers individualised attention and treatments from highly skilled specialists in addition to using high-quality products with certain chemicals.

➥ Over the following ten years, LA Nails is well-positioned to continue expanding and thriving by maintaining its focus on providing customised services, high-quality products, and client safety.

Our mission LA Nails

➥ At LA Nails, our mission is simple; Leave our Salon feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and always looking your best. After all, you deserve to be pampered!

FAQs – LA Nails

How long do acrylic nails last?

➥ six to eight weeks

Which are better gel or acrylic nails?

➥ gel nails are a healthier alternative for the nail than acrylic.

 Does LA nails take walk ins?

Good morning! Walk ins only, feel free to stop in today!

How much do you tip for $30 nails?

How much should you tip the person who does your nails? The standard tip for a nail tech is 15% to 20% of the total bill, but this can vary by country, region, and salon, says Sharon-Frances Moore, president of Shances, an etiquette company in New York.

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