JCPenney Salon Prices And Services

JCPenney Salon Prices And Services

JCPenney Salon Prices

➥ You may view the complete service list and learn about average JCPenney salon costs in this guide.

➥ We outline each service these salons provide, their costs, and the extras that come with each.

What Are JCPenney Salon Prices?

➥ All around the country, JCPenney stores are renowned for their competitive prices on both current and timeless clothing.

➥ The Salon by InStyle, a JCPenney salon, is located inside some of the locations.

JCPenney Salon Prices

➥ Hair salons offer a range of hair care services, including:

  • Haircuts (women, men and children)
  • Hair styling
  • Color and highlights
  • Natural hair styling
  • Perms and relaxers
  • Hair treatments
  • Extensions
  • Waxing

➥ The cost of these services varies depending on the salon you go to. However, because JCPenney doesn’t franchise its salons, there isn’t much of a price difference between different locations.

➥ Due to local prices being established by franchise owners, salon chains like Great Clips and Supercuts have a more comprehensive range of prices. JCPenney, though, has a little more latitude.

➥ Short haircuts cost as little as $25 in JCPenney salons, while haircuts and blowouts cost $32 and $42, respectively, when performed by master stylists with additional training.

➥ Basic, all-over colour applications cost $55, and more advanced colour applications using balayage or ombre cost up to $110.

➥ We looked into JCP salon prices to determine the highest, lowest, and average costs for each service they provide.

➥ For a detailed price list and a glossary of terms describing what is included with each service, continue reading.

JCPenney Salon Prices

JCPenney Salon Prices

➥ Prices at JCPenney salons are less expensive than typical for the sector. The typical cost of a haircut is about $53 nationwide. Here, rates are significantly lower, with most haircuts costing between $20 and $42.

➥ We used average prices from New York, California, and Nebraska to provide you with a high, low, and average price.

➥ We then delved into the specifics of each service so you could choose which ones you might wish to purchase.

➥ Waxing treatments start at $8 at these salons, making them the least expensive services. Kids haircuts and add-on haircuts are the hair services at JCP salons that cost the least (which must be purchased with a chemical process service).

➥ The Chi Thermal Straightening treatments ($293) and Chi Ultimate Blowout ($143) are the most expensive procedures in JCPenney salons.

➥ The average cost of services in JCP salons ranges from $0 (free bang, neck, and moustache cuts) to $300. However, the majority of procedures cost between $20 and $100. In the hair salon sector, this is seen as being very inexpensive.

Note: Designer stylists have finished all required coursework, whereas master stylists have taken additional coursework. Be sure to verify with your local JCPenney salon because not all of them base their cost on the stylists’ level of training.

The pricing difference for a service when stylists with varying levels of training do it is indicated by the Designer or Master designation with the service below.

Service High Low Average
Short Haircut $25 $25 $25
Designer Haircut and Blowdry $40 $32 $34.60
Master Haircut and Blowdry $42 $42 $42
Designer Express Cut $25 $22 $23
Master Express Cut $32 $32 $32
Designer Clipper Cut $20 $18 $18.60
Master Clipper Cut $22 $22 $22
Kids Cut $20 $14 $16
Add On Haircut $20 $15 $16.60
Bang, Neck, Moustache Trim $10 $0 $3.30
Hair Styling $55 $50 $51.60
Designer Blowout $35 $22 $26.30
Master Blowout $32 $32 $32
Natural Styling $30+ $25+ $26.60+
Add On Hot Styling $10 $10 $10
Designer Shampoo Set $30 $26 $27.30
Master Shampoo Set $30 $30 $30
Designer Single Process Color $65 $55 $58.30
Master Single Process Color/ $70 $70 $70
Designer Double Process Color $95 $80 $85
Master Double Process Color $95 $95 $95
Designer Gloss $20 $15 $16.60
Master Gloss $20 $20 $20
Color Correction $70+ $70+ $70+
Designer Accent Highlights $20 $20 $20
Master Accent Highlights $35 $35 $35
Designer Partial Highlights $55 $45 $48.30
Master Partial Highlights $60 $60 $60
Designer Full Highlights $90 $75 $80
Master Full Highlights $100 $100 $100
Dimensional Color $110 $90 $101.60
Ombre Color $110 $90 $101.60
Balayage Color $110 $90 $101.60
Relaxer $70 $60 $63.30
Relaxer with Color $115 $90 $106.60
Relaxer Retouch $55 $45 $48.30
Designer Perm $70 $60 $63.30
Master Perm $75 $75 $75
Chi Ultimate Blowout $150 $129 $143
Chi Thermal Straightening $300 $279 $293
Hair Extensions Varies Varies Varies
Eyebrow Wax $15 $12 $13
Lip or Chin Wax $8 $8 $8
Long Length Charge $15 $10 $11.60
Clarifying Treatment $20 $15 $16.60
Deep Conditioning Treatment $20 $15 $16.60
Moisture Loss Treatment $20 $15 $16.60
Breakage and Strength Loss Treatment $20 $15 $16.60
Dry Scalp and Dandruff Treatment $25 $20 $23.30

JCPenney Salon Services

JCPenney Salon Prices

➥ Now that you’ve seen the price range for those procedures, let’s look at the list of services JCP salons offer.

➥ Make sure to understand the details of the service you intend to use because some include free extras.

➥ At JCP salons, you can obtain waxing, hair treatments, hair colouring and styling, haircuts, and hairstyles. Based on the outcomes you desire, each of these services is unique.

➥ When you visit JCP Salon, your stylist will first give you a quick consultation.

➥ They will ask you about the style you want to achieve, check over any reference photographs you provided, and then explain how they will make it happen.

➥ You’ll be more ready for your visit if you better understand the services you intend to use.

➥ If there are any add-ons or additional fees associated with hair length ($10–$15 in most situations for hair that extends over the shoulders), you’ll be aware of them in advance.

➥ Review each service’s inclusions below to learn more after that.

Haircut Services

➥ Unless otherwise stated, all haircuts come with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and blow dry. The only haircut choice available right now that doesn’t include these extras is the Express Haircut.

➥ These are the haircutting services that JCP salons provide.

➥ Haircut: 

Before the haircut, apply shampoo and conditioner, rinse, and complete with a simple blow dry.

➥ Short Haircut:

Haircut for shorter than four-inch hair that also involves shampooing, conditioning, and blow-drying

➥ Clipper Cut:

Any haircut that uses clippers to get a short, tidy appearance; includes shampoo, conditioner, and blow drying (if needed)

➥ Kids Haircut:

A haircut for Kids 12 years of age and less that includes shampoo, conditioner, and blow drying

➥ Add-On Haircut:

A haircut that you add to any chemical treatment (colour, highlights, perm, etc.); includes shampoo, conditioner, and blow drying.

➥ Express Haircut: 

A shorter haircut without shampoo, conditioner or blow drying is an express haircut.

Hair Styling Services

➥ JCP salons can help if you only need styling services because your hair length is already perfect. They provide:

  • Primary and special occasion styling services.
  • Blowouts.
  • Style add-ons that can be combined with other services to maximize your savings.

➥ Shampoo and Style:

Shampoo and condition with simple blow-dry styling for a polished appearance.

➥ Signature Blowout: 

Shampoo, condition, and scalp massage are all part of the signature blowout, which is finished with a hot towel treatment and full blowout styling.

➥ Particular Occasion Style:

Hairstyles suitable for weddings, proms, and other special occasions include braids and updos.

➥ Hot Tool Style/Ironworks Add-On:

Add curling or flat iron styling to any other service for a discounted rate.

➥ Natural Styling: 

There are many natural hair protective hairstyles, such as twists, wraps, silk presses, Bantu knots, cornrows, locs, and microbraids.

Colour Services

➥ At JCPenney salons, colour and highlight services are top-rated. Choose a single process colour for the entire hair, or use your creativity with dimensional, balayage, or ombre colour options.

➥ There are also available accent, partial, and full foil highlights.

➥ Here are the colour options available in JCP salons.

➥ Single Process Color: 

An expertly applied, all-over hair colour that creates a natural or vibrant appearance.

➥ Double Process Color:

  • Start with bleach to lift the colour level.
  • Lighten the hair.
  • Tone with your preferred hue.

➥ Colour correction:

The use of corrective colour to lift, darken, or tone current hair or remove undesirable hair colour to achieve the desired effects.

➥ Accent Highlights: 

Up to 5 foils may be strategically arranged for hidden lighting.

➥ Partial Highlights: 

Up to 20 foils can be strategically positioned for conspicuous lighting.

➥ Full Highlights: 

Highlights are applied to the entire head for an all-over illuminating effect.

➥ Dimensional Color: 

For a dimensional appearance, combine two or more colours into the hair.

➥ Balayage Color:

Creating a natural, sun-kissed look with hand-painted hair colour or bleach is known as “balayage colour.”

➥ Ombre Color: 

Ombre hair colour is a smoothly blended shade that changes to a lighter or darker shade for a striking look.

➥ Hair Gloss Shine Treatment: 

Seal and hydrate the hair while securing a brief colour boost to revive any hair colour with the hair gloss shine treatment.

Texturing Services 

➥ Aside from colour and highlights, other chemical therapies include perms, relaxers, and keratin treatments. These procedures change your hair’s strands’ structure or curly or straighten them.

➥ The JCP salons’ chemical services are listed below.

➥ Perm: 

hair is rolled onto rods in the size and shape corresponding to the size and type of curl you desire. 

➥ Relaxer: 

Chemical relaxers dispense with natural curl and straighten it for lustrous, frizz-free, and smooth results.

➥ Relaxer Touchup: 

A chemical relaxer is applied just to regions that have grown out at the roots for a flawless finish.

➥ Chi Ultimate Blowout:

Chi A smoothing procedure known as the “Ultimate Blowout” infuses hair with pearl, cashmere, and silk protein for effects that last up to four months

➥ Chi Thermal Straightening: 

Chi Thermal straightening is a multi-step procedure that fills hair with moisture, protein, and silk to erase any curl that may already be present and provide lustrous, soft results.

Hair Treatment Services

JCP salons have a selection of hair treatments that are intended to restore and enhance the health of damaged hair and are ideal for hair lacking moisture, gloss, bounce, or strength.

The following hair treatment options are available.

➥ Clarifying Treatment: 

For ultra-smooth results with minimal product accumulation, the 2-step Malibu treatment explains hair first, then rebuilds it with keratin.

➥ Intensive Conditioning: 

Deep conditioning treatments provide lustre, bounce, and softness to the hair by coating it in a moisture-rich compound.

➥ Moisture Loss Treatment: 

With the Redken Hair Recovery treatment, dry strands receive loads of hydration for hair that feels and looks healthier.

➥ Treatment for Strength Loss and Breakage: 

Redken Lengthen and Strengthen fills in the voids left by damaged hair to produce stronger strands that withstand breakage.

➥ Dry Scalp and Dandruff Treatment: 

Adds gloss, removes buildup, and intense moisture to heal dry, flaky scalps.


➥ JCPenney salons also provide waxing services. Ask your local salon if they offer waxing services for anything other than the lips, chins, and eyebrows. They might also give more tinting and waxing services.

➥ Eyebrow Waxing: 

Waxing your eyebrows will ensure you receive the thickness and shape you want. Consult with your stylist briefly before the procedure.

➥ Lip waxing:

Applying wax to the upper lip to remove hair and smooth the skin

➥ Chin Waxing: 

Wax is applied to the chin to remove hair and give the skin an excellent appearance.

➥ Eyebrow threading: 

Several salons provide threading for brows as an alternative to waxing.

➥ Eyebrow Tinting: 

Use a temporary tint to change the colour of your brows subtly.

➥ Body waxing:

Wax application in the chosen area; not available everywhere.

JCPenney Salon Review

Visit a Local JCPenney Salon

➥ Adult haircuts beginning at $20 and balayage starting at $90? Most likely, your thought is, “Sign me up!” Nearby JCPenney salons offer practically any hair service at a reasonable cost.

➥ Where is the closest JCP salon to you, I hear you ask? Not to worry! To locate the JCPenney salon nearest to you, use our Salon Directory. Input your zip code to see the salons in your region appear on the map!

➥ Utilize the JCPenney app to simplify your visit. The app allows you to plan appointments, modify preferences, and check in for meetings.

➥ Additionally, you’ll get notifications when your appointment is approaching, coupons, and more. To get the JCPenney app on an Android or iPhone, text the word APP to the number 527365.

➥ Still not convinced that JCPenney Salon has the most affordable prices? To find salons with even reduced pricing, view our other price recommendations.

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