How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair?

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair?

➥ Before you decide on entirely new hair colour, you must know the amount it costs. What is the take to colouring your hair?

➥ What is the price of having your hair dyed in salons compared to the cost of dyeing your hair by yourself?

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair

The Quick Answer

➥ Highlights and hair colouring are priced between $50 and $70, on average However, you’ll pay just $35 at salons such as Supercuts.

➥ Expect to spend between $100 and $150 for more advanced services such as Balayage, Babylights and Ombre highlights. Hair colour kits at home range from $5 to $40.

➥ The expression “Where you end up is contingent on where you begin” is valid here.

➥ If you enter a salon with clean hair that is not treated, It will be much simpler for the stylist you choose—the shorter time spent in your session, which means lower costs for the client.

➥ However, if you show up with remnants of black-coloured hair colouring on your hair and wish to upgrade to platinum, it’s likely to cause an enormous hassle for your stylist to solve and likely won’t be done in just one visit. More visits will cost you more.

➥ Many variables influence the price you pay to colour your hair. They include:

  • Location of the salon    
  • Experience of the stylist    
  • Type of dye and technique used    
  • Length and condition of your hair

➥ If you’re opting to work on it yourself from home, your most crucial price factor is the kind of shade and colour that you pick.

➥ We’ll discuss all the elements that impact the entire project’s cost in this article.

➥ We also have the complete price list for hair dyes, the kinds of hair dyes you can select from, and the most well-known dye methods to request.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair at a Salon?

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair

➥ The most secure option is going to a salon to have your hair dyed or bleached, highlighted or toned. Expert stylists can guide you in the correct direction and the right colour for your hair.

➥ They’ll suggest warmer or cooler shades that perfectly complement the tone of your eyes and skin shade. They know which methods to apply the dye, so the final result is flawless.

➥ They know how long you should let the colour last in your hair. They also know what kinds of dyes work ideal for your hair and when hair is too damaged or damaged to take a new colour.

➥ We could talk for hours about the advantages of getting your hair dyed at the salon rather than home.

➥ Let’s look at the actual cost you’ll be charged for hair colouring in salons and the elements influencing the total price.

Average Hair Highlights Cost

Color Service Price
Salon single process color $50 – $100+
Salon double process color $100 – $200+
Salon ombre, sombre, balayage $125+
Salon color correction $100/hr
Tip color $25+
Additional color/toner $20 – $50+

➥ For a single procedure hair colour, the typical mid-range salon in the United States charges between $50 and $70.

➥ For all-over colour, chain salons like Supercuts start at about $35 and higher. High-end salons typically charge $100 or more for this.

➥ All-over colour applied in a single step is called single process colour. Single process hair dye is often done in a shade that is no darker than 2-3 shades of your natural hair colour.

➥ Your stylist will need to lighten your hair before dying it if you want an intense colour or a lighter overall tone. It’s a two-process colour. The hue price will increase, costing $100 to $175.

➥ Are you choosing a sad or an ombre effect? That method calls for more excellent artistic skill from your stylist and typically involves two steps. The price, which is often $115+, will reflect that.

➥ Your costs will be lesser if all you need is a minor root touch-up. This treatment, a single process colour that utilises less dye, may cost you $30 to $60.

➥ From Supercuts, tip colour prices start at roughly $25. To achieve your desired effect, you will need to use an additional shade of colour or toner, which will add $20–40 to the final cost.

➥ Additionally, your stylist may bill you by the hour if you visit the salon for a significant lift (from dark brown to light blond, for example) or colour correction (we’ve all been there).

➥ Although the hourly rate will vary greatly, many hairdressers charge around $100/hour. The rates listed above are averages. However, your real cost will vary depending on several factors.

➥ The cost will depend on the procedures needed to get your desired results, the salon’s location, the stylist’s skill level, how busy the stylist is, and the state of your hair at the time.

➥ Don’t overlook the upfront cost of the materials your stylist will need to complete the look.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair at Home?

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair

➥ What if you want to colour your hair at home because you’re feeling creative? What is the price of that?

➥ Although colouring your hair at home is far less expensive, most stylists will attest that the savings aren’t always worthwhile.

➥ Have you seen the above-average colour correcting cost of $100 per hour? Why do hairdressers charge so much to fix a wrong colour?

➥ It’s a complex task requiring accuracy, knowledge, material, time, and patience.

➥ But let’s say you follow the application instructions carefully, select a high-quality colour that doesn’t drastically differ from your current shade, and use excellent paint.

➥ In that scenario, getting a great hair colour or touch-up at home is feasible.

➥ Here is how much you should budget for at-home hair colour.

Color Type Price
Home hair dye kit $7 – $40
Home bleaching/lightening kit $10 – $30
Toner kit $5 – $15

➥ According to stylists, the recommended course of action for at-home hair colouring is to go 2-3 shades darker than your present colour.

➥ You’ll apply this single-process colour to your entire head of hair, soaking each strand thoroughly. You’ll rinse it out and blow dry it to check the findings after processing it for the appropriate amount of time.

➥ You will need to bleach or lighten your hair before applying the new colour if you want a lighter hair colour or a bold colour like blue, purple, or pink. That’s where a lot of DIY hair enthusiasts struggle.

➥ Any beauty supply store will sell you a bleaching kit that contains a cream developer and bleaching powder to lighten the colour of your hair.

➥ Usually, a toner is required to make the resultant colour brass-free. Use a developer that won’t harm your hair with caution. 20 to 30 volume developers will do the trick for most hair colours.

➥ If you have very dark or difficult-to-lift hair, you might choose a 40-volume developer. Don’t keep bleaching if you notice that your black hair has become trapped in the orange/yellow tone and won’t rise higher.

➥ Speak with a hairdresser to learn how you can adequately lift the colour without causing more harm to your hair.

➥ If you buy everything you need for a decent colour and decide to dye your hair at home, you can spend around $45 on supplies.

➥ If you’re fortunate enough to have a go-to stylist with whom you cannot schedule an appointment at this time, get in touch with them and ask them to guide you through the procedure.

Types of Hair Dye

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair?

➥ If you want to get your hair dyed (or make it yourself), you’ll need to select from various kinds of dye. The amount of time you’d like to get the new colour is the main factor determining your colour.

➥ However, you must be aware of the hair’s health and strength. If you’re not sure which kind of hair dye to choose, Ask the advice of your stylist.

Temporary hair dye

➥ Lasts: 1-5 shampoos

➥ Temporary hair dyes aren’t always the first thing you consider when colourizing your hair. These dyes are short-term and are removed with a couple of shampoos.

➥ Don’t apply temporary hair colouring If your hair is very damaged or porous. It may make your hair a grey shade that fades from the original temporary colour.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

➥ Lasts: 8-10 shampoos

➥ Semi-permanent hair dyes are the next level up from temporary. These colours are less harsh than their long-lasting counterparts. Permanent and semi-permanent, as they do not contain ammonia.

➥ Most people utilize semi-permanent hair dyes to cover greys, make root touch-ups, increase permanent hair colour, or keep shine and gloss.

Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

➥ Lasts: 20-24 shampoos

➥ You can choose a semi-permanent colour if you’re dedicated to the shade you’d like. The dyes do not contain ammonia but are mixed with a bit of developer (peroxide), letting the colour be absorbed into the hair’s cuticle to remain longer.

➥ Temporary and semi-permanent colours don’t penetrate hair but instead cover the hair. Because this kind of dye is absorbed into the hair, it’s expected to last up to 10 months if you’re using a gentle shampoo suitable for colour-treated hair.

➥ This is great for shades of grey as well as root touch-ups. It is also great for blending colours, toning highlights and refreshing permanent colours.

Permanent Hair Dye

➥ Lasts: 6-8 weeks+

➥ Permanent hair dyes are natural. It will be bright for 6, and 8 weeks, the roots appear to be growing out, and the paint will have to be changed.

➥ Technically speaking, permanent dyes stay in your hair until removed. However, to look nice, you’ll need regular touches-ups.

➥ Permanent dye is made of ammonia, mixed with a developer to let the colour get into the hair cuticle to provide longer-lasting colour.

➥ Choose permanent dye when you intend to stick to a particular colour for a prolonged period. It provides the best level of grey-to-grey coverage.

Hair Bleach

➥ Lasts: Permanent

➥ Bleach will permanently change the colour of your hair to a lighter shade and is usually utilized as a complement to an astringent or paint applied to your bleached hair.

➥ If you’re planning to go blonde or want to choose a lighter hair shade than you have now, bleach will be needed to lift hair above three shades.

➥ Bleach can be applied to all areas on the ends of smaller sections to add highlights. Stylists employ bleach powder and an application developer to lighten the hair to the appropriate degree.

➥ If you’re seeking a radical change, your stylist may plan more than one appointment to lighten your hair gradually. This helps to avoid damaging your hair during the process.

Henna Hair Dye

➥ Lasts: 4-6 weeks

➥ Henna dye isn’t as often used, but it is gaining popularity. It is made from the henna plant, an organic pigment with a reddish-coloured hue.

➥ There aren’t many colours to choose from using henna hair dye. However, it’s not likely to cause an allergic reaction. It will last for around 4-6 weeks before it fades.

Hair Dye Techniques

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair

➥ These are a few well-liked methods used in salons to apply various hair dyes. What method are you hoping to have completed?

Single Process Color

➥ Starting price: $35+

➥ Do you want a uniform hair colour? It offers consistent coverage and is a single process colour. Single-process colour doesn’t need to be monotonous or flat.

➥ Your stylist can combine a few tones, adding depth and character to the colour.

➥ A single process colour is quicker to apply than other varieties, works well to cover grey, darken by two to three shades, and add gloss and sheen.

Double Process Color

➥ Starting price: $100+

➥ You will require a double process colour if you want a hair colour that is significantly lighter or more vivid than your existing hue.

➥ In a twofold process, the hair is lightened (either entirely or in portions), and then the hair is coloured.

➥ To create a lighter canvas on which to paint the new hair colour, whether a shade of blonde, brunette, or something more vivid, stylists employ a twofold process.

➥ The double-process colour usually costs more and requires more time than the single-process colour.


➥ Starting price: $150+

➥ If your original hair colour is dark enough, you can use the ombre process to start with a dark base that progressively becomes lighter toward the ends of the hair.

➥ Contrary to balayage highlights, which are applied equally from the middle to the ends of the hair, ombre hair colour penetrates the entire shaft of the hair.

➥ All your hair’s layers will be completely saturated with the lighter hair colour at the ends.

➥ As a result, the hair has a dark root area that gradually lightens to a much lighter tint at the tips. A twofold process is typically needed to create an ombre look.


➥ Starting price: $100+

➥ Consider the sombre approach if the whole ombre hue is too much for you. The term “subtle ombre” is low. It’s a milder colour change, usually from a light shade of brunette to blonde.

➥ To get the gradient look of the ombre technique without as much colour intensity at the ends, ask for caramel sombre, mocha sombre, or bronde sombre. A two-step technique might be necessary for a common effect.

Reverse Ombre

➥ Starting price: $150

➥ The reverse ombre may appeal more if you enjoy the gradient colour of ombre and balayage dye processes but dislike lighter endings. The roots of the hair are brightened halfway down here.

➥ Then, from the hair’s ends upward, darker colour is combined. The outcome is an ombre effect that is inverted or reversed, with dark backs and bright roots.

Tip Color

➥ Starting price: $25+

➥ You could enjoy the appearance of tip colour, in which hair dye is applied solely to the ends of the hair rather than mixing in with the rest of the hair—the colour of your hair’s tips and the rest contrast sharply.

➥ In the end, many people choose vivid hues like blues, reds, or pinks. You can add blond, brownish, or black tips for intrigue.

Root Touch-Up

➥ Starting price: $30+

➥ Your hairdresser will employ a short root touch-up procedure if your permanent hair colour grows or if you want your roots to mix or contrast nicely with your ombre or sombre colour.

➥ To guarantee that the roots harmonise with the rest of the hair, colour is only placed at the roots and is delicately feathered outward.

➥ A single process colour root touch-up shouldn’t take more than an hour. Because less colour is used, it is typically less expensive than an all-over single-process.

So, How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair?

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Your Hair

➥ We’ve explored a lot of options for dyeing your hair. It is possible to have it done professionally at the salon, or you can make it yourself at your home.

➥ You can select between temporary, semi-permanent, de-permanent, bleach or henna hair colors.

➥ You can choose an all-over shade that is lighter or darker than the colour you currently have or ombre, sombre reverse hue, tip colour, an accent to your root or any other colour method your stylist suggests.

➥ With all the options to consider, the total cost is among the top aspects to consider. What is the price for hair dye? Here’s a quick review.

  • Colours for all-over hair (1 colour) at salons will cost between $50-$100 on average. It’s much cheaper (starting at just $35) at Supercuts in the future, so be aware of that.
  • In the home, you’ll pay $5 to $45 or more depending on the type and colour of the hair you choose and if you require toner.
  • For hair dyes that are double-processed (lightened and dyed) at a salon, you’ll be charged between $100 and $175. At home, you’ll spend between $20 and $70 on bleach and lightening kits, toner and hair colour.

➥ The process of dyeing your hair isn’t cheap at a salon. However, it can give you more security when you attempt it independently, even if you’re not an expert.

➥ Your stylist can assist you in choosing which hair dye is the best for your hair’s type and state and the desired results.

➥ They will also assist you in determining the ideal shade that will highlight your skin tone and highlights. If anything goes wrong, they’ll be able to pinpoint what to do to solve the issue.

Video – How To Color Your Hair At Home



What is the cost of dyeing your hair in a salon?

➥ Getting your hair dyed at a salon varies from $60 to $150. How much you pay for the service depends on the area of the salon you go to, the length of hair and the quantity of hair you want to colour. It is possible to spend more money at a premium salon.

What’s the price of having an ombre haircut?

➥ The price for ombre-coloured hair is between $150 to $200.

➥ It is possible to pay a higher cost for dyeing your hair ombre if you have dyed your hair recently in the shade lighter or darker than the natural hue. The most expensive salons typically charge more for hair ombre than chain salons.

What are the costs for highlights?

➥ Highlights are a cost that generally ranges from $75 to $115. If you go to the most expensive salon, expect to shell out $350 for full highlights.

➥ The total cost will depend on the amount of hair you’d like to highlight and where the salon is located.

How much will an entire box of dye cost?

➥ A dye container, referred to as a box or home hair colour, is typically purchased at local drug stores, beauty supply stores, or discount stores.

➥ Box dye is usually low, and you should spend anywhere from $5-$20 for a package, which includes the paint, directions, and typically a pair of gloves.

How long will the colour-treated hair stay?

➥ The average hair dye is expected to last for 4 to 6 weeks. The permanent dye won’t be able to stay on your hair for long.

➥ As hair grows, the roots start to reveal. To maintain the colour you want, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with the salon to have your hair coloured or brushed up.

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