Happy Nails Prices And Services

Happy Nails Prices in 2022

➥ Happy Nails prices start at $38 for the manicure and $48 for pedicures. The nail salon is open to the present day and has seen an increase in clients due to its services.

➥ Happy Nails is a complete salon and nail salon situated within Los Angeles, Irvine, Newport Beach, and North Orange County. 

Happy Nails Prices

➥ They also have branches in South Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego, and San Jose. Happy Nails provides manicure and pedicure treatments and waxing and facial services for both men and women.

➥ Happy Nails and Spa accommodate those seeking the best effectiveness in nail and skin maintenance.

➥ Salons are equipped with the required resources and meet the highest standards regarding hygiene and sanitation. 

➥ Prices are affordable too. Happy Nails is one of the most professional nail salons regarding professionalism and skincare. 

➥ Additionally, customers have proven this in the past 30 years and have been delighted by submitting reviews.

Happy Nails Prices

➥ Below are the latest estimated Happy Nails prices and services.


Happy Nails Prices for Manicure & Pedicure Services


Pamper Me Mani $38.00
Indulge Me Mani $30.00
Please Me Mani $22.00
Simply Mani $14.00


Pamper Me Pedi $48.00
Indulge Me Pedi $38.00
Please Me Pedi $30.00
Simply Pedi $22.00

Happy Nails Prices for Skin Care Services

Acne Treatment $55.00
Back Purifier $45.00
Deluxe European Facial $65.00
European Facial $55.00
Plain Facial $40.00

Happy Nails Prices for Waxing

Eyebrows $10.00
Lip $7.00
Underarms $16.00
Chin $8.00
Half-Arm $20.00
Full-Arm $30.00
Bikini $20.00
Brazilian $40.00
Half-Leg (Upper or Lower) $25.00
Full-Leg $45.00
Full-Leg with Bikini $55.00
Full Face $35.00
Chest $25.00
Full Back $35.00

Happy Nails Salon Working Hours

Happy Nails Prices
Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5PM
Saturday – Sunday Closed

Happy Nails Services Offered

Happy Nails Prices

➥ Happy Nails and Spa offers manicures and skin care to male and female clients. 

➥ The signature services are “Pamper Me Mani” and “Pamper Me Pedi.” About “Pamper me mani.” The massager and treatment are done using a mask, polish, and cleaning. 

➥ In contrast, “Pamper Me Pedi” is a foot scrub that includes massage, topped with exfoliation.

➥ Additional nail services include Men’s Sports manicures as well as Pedicure. Different variations consist of Simply Mani and Simply PediBasic cleaning and polish-free services. 

➥ Customers can also avail of the nail art service picking from designs and colors that suit their preferences.

➥ Concerning treatments for skin care, Happy Nails offers acne treatments that use AHA, also called Alpha Hydroxyl Acid. Herbal botanicals can also be used on the face to reduce pores and acne breakouts. 

➥ Happy Nails also offers European and Deluxe European Facials. It includes a standard foot and hand massage.

➥ Happy Nails is flexible. They offer children’s spa manicures, Pedicure, and spa services. Kids can also get foot and hand massages, nail cleaning, and art for nails.

➥ They also provide waxing services for women and men alike. Happy Nails gives waxing jobs to specific areas like the legs, underarms and arms, the back, face, and bikini region. 

➥ They clean, sanitize, and promote themselves as “bacteria-free.” Body waxing for the entire body is also available.

Happy Nails Packages

Happy Nails Prices

➥ To save money and provide value, Happy Nails provides special packages.

➥ For example, this European Facial package includes a range of treatments like steam treatment, deep pore cleansing, and extraction of black and whiteheads.

➥ The package comes with an extravagant masque application and a facial massage. Additionally, this Deluxe European Facial package consists of the European facial, which includes massage for the legs and arms.

➥ Nail care packages include manicures and pedicures, indulge Me I’m awestruck, Thank You, Mani, Pedi, and Pamper Me Mani and Pedi. In addition to those packages, Happy Nails’ prices remain affordable.

What Do Customers Say About Happy Nails?

➥ Some customers have expressed satisfaction regarding the Happy Nails experience. They raved about how well the facilities worked and were pleased with their used equipment.

➥ In the future, clients will leave favorable feedback on the quality of the services received. 

➥ They also comment on the way they take care of their nails. Some customers also talked about how they appreciated the message they received on their feet and hands following manicures and pedicures.

➥ Maintaining your nails isn’t the only thing that needs attention. One customer also commented on the way they fixed her damaged nail. 

➥ She stated that her damaged nail was a concern; however, the technician was capable of fixing it quickly.

➥ In terms of the treatment of facial hair, It’s not a surprise since the customer was pleased as well. 

➥ The waxing service received positive reviews, and one customer stated that they could contort her eyebrow wax with no discomfort. 

➥ Additionally, clients like how they make eyebrow wax. The prices at Happy Nails are reasonable and offer excellent value.

Happy Nails Store Locator

Happy Nails Contact Details


➥ 5105 W. First Street Santa Ana, CA 92703


➥ (714) 259-8888


➥ (949) 490-4078


➥ contact@happynails.com

Official website:


About – Happy Nails 

Happy Nails Prices

➥ Happy Nails and Spa was initially thought up in Mai’s and Henry Huynh’s minds. The couple is a Vietnamese couple who emigrated to Southern California right after the end of Saigon. 

➥ Mai Huynh forged the path of becoming a manicurist and learning the tricks and techniques of running an effective nail salon.

➥ Their vision was realized in 1983, and Happy Nails and Spa opened in Southern California. They aim to create an enjoyable, relaxed environment, and they also care about their customers in a way that allows for this.

➥ Presently, Happy Nails has 50 stores that have opened. They are looking to expand and grow the popularity of the brand.

FAQ – Happy Nails Prices And Services

How much do you tip for $30 nails?

How much should you tip the person who does your nails? The standard tip for a nail tech is 15% to 20% of the total bill, but this can vary by country, region, and salon, says Sharon-Frances Moore, president of Shances, an etiquette company in New York.

Why do nail salons prefer cash?

Elizabeth Morris, owner of The Nail Hub in Scottsdale, Arizona, says, “A lot of techs prefer cash tips because they think there’s no record of getting them, so they won’t have to pay taxes on them or report them as income.”

Is $10 a good tip for nails?

In the end, tipping is all about making the customer happy, so 15 to 20 percent per nail tech and per service is a good amount to give, assuming you were happy with the service.

How much do you tip for $75 nails?

Customers usually leave a 20% tip, which would be $10 on a $50 pedicure. How much do you tip for a pedicure that costs $75? What people buy: Also tip 20%, so for a $75 pedicure, tip $15. Many nail salons now print a tip calculator on the customer’s receipt to help them figure out how much to tip.

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