Hair Straightening Cost Guide And Treatment

How Much Does Hair Straightening Cost?

➥ Want smoother, straighter hair but aren’t sure how much permanent hair straightening will cost?

➥ You can straighten your hair in several ways, either temporarily or permanently.

➥ The Quick Ans. – The price of hair straightening depends on the type of therapy and the location.

➥ Expect to pay anything from $5 (an at-home relaxer) to $900 or more (for professional Japanese thermal hair straightening).

Hair Straightening Cost

➥ Other well-liked options include Brazilian blowouts or keratin straightening procedures. This surgery can cost anything between $150 and $600.

➥ However, different straightening techniques don’t just cost differently. Additionally, their levels of effectiveness vary, and some are superior to others for particular hair types.

Services Low Price Average Price High Price
Chemical Hair Straightening $10 $115 $250
Keratin Hair Straightening $150 $300 $600
Japanese Hair Straightening $150 $450 $900

➥ Is it worthwhile to spend $600-$900 on a possible six-month-long straightening procedure? Will a $5 at-home relaxer straighten your hair?

➥ Which techniques are the least harmful and gentlest on your hair?In this tutorial, we’ll give it to you straight.

➥ Please continue reading to learn how much various hair straightening treatments cost, how they function, and what they do to your hair.

Hair Straightening Cost Guide

Hair Straightening Cost

➥ Depending on your chosen method, hair straightening charges might range from $5 to more than $900. How do you know what to anticipate to pay with such a wide range of prices?

➥ You may better understand how much these procedures cost by looking at the average cost for each hair straightening technique.

➥ The three most popular hair straightening procedures and their respective average prices are listed below.

➥ They are listed from least expensive to most expensive. You may learn more about each treatment, how it functions, and its efficacy level in the section after this one.

Keratin Hair Straightening Cost

  • Low Price: $150
  • Average Price: $300
  • High Price: $600

➥ One of the gentler methods you can employ to treat your hair is keratin therapy. The keratin is altered and replenished with the disulfide bonds in the hair that maintain its natural shape, such as a wave or curl, preventing the hair from curling.

➥ The smoothing and shining effects of the keratin treatment are very well known. A $150 keratin hair straightening procedure at a salon is affordable.

➥ But the average buyer pays about $300 for it. If your hair is particularly long or your stylist is skilled in these procedures, you can spend as much as $600 in a high-end salon.

Chemical Hair Straightening Cost

  • Low Price: $10
  • Average Price: $115
  • High Price: $250

➥ Relaxers, commonly known as chemical hair straighteners, are comparable to perms.

➥ However, these straighteners loosen and destroy hair’s existing curls and waves rather than adding new ones. The most efficient chemical straighteners are those used in salons, although they can cost up to $250.

➥ Also available for as little as $5 is very economical chemical straightening kits for use at home. These will lessen waves and remove some curl from the hair, while they may not entirely straighten it.

Japanese Hair Straightening Cost

  • Low Price: $150
  • Average Price: $300-$600
  • High Price: $900

➥ Japanese hair straightening is also known as Yuko, thermal hair straightening, rebonding, or thermal reconditioning.

➥ By using powerful chemicals to dissolve the cysteine protein links in the hair, this technique straightens the hair.

➥ The hair is steam-treated (15–20 minutes) to release those bindings and straightened with a scorching flat iron. Another chemical process is then used to “seal” the bonds into their new, straight position.

➥ This one is the most time-consuming and expensive of all the permanent straightening techniques.

➥ Although you could pay as low as $150, most people spend between $300 and $600 on the procedure. In a high-end salon, prices could reach $900 or more.

Types of Hair Straightening Treatments

➥ Let’s examine each straightening procedure in more detail, including how it functions, how long it lasts, and how effective it is overall.

➥ We’ll also review which hair types each treatment works best on and who should avoid using them.

  • Keratin treatments
  • Chemical straighteners
  • Japanese straighteners

Keratin Treatment

Hair Straightening Cost

➥ Best for Thick, medium, or fine, curly or wavy, damaged or healthy hair.

➥ Cost: $150-$600

➥ For straightening curly or wavy hair, keratin treatments are pretty popular, and they’re also recognized for being reasonably mild on hair.

➥ A Brazilian blowout is another name for this procedure. Here is how the remedy functions.

➥ Your hairdresser will treat your hair with a keratin-containing solution (keratin is a protein found in our hair, teeth, and nails).

➥ Any holes in the hair’s protein structure will be filled with keratin by infusing it with this solution.

➥ The keratin fills in the holes in the links of the hair, giving it a sleek, smooth, and radiant appearance.

➥ The missing connections that give rise to curls, coils, or waves are filled with more keratin, causing the hair to lay straight and flat.

➥ The stylist uses a scorching flat iron (approximately 450 degrees) to “seal” the keratin solution into the hair strands after the answer has been applied to the hair.

➥ Using it every 6 to 8 months as the straightened hair grows lasts for around six months and won’t harm your hair.

➥ The duration of this treatment can be further increased by using keratin shampoos and conditioners. About 95% of curl is removed with keratin treatments, raising the volume.

➥ The hair can also weigh itself down and hang straight thanks to the additional weight of the keratin-infused hair. Hair that is curly or wavy but not coily performs best.

Chemical Straightener or Relaxer

Hair Straightening Cost

➥ Best for Coily, curly, or wavy hair that is healthy, medium to thick, and has a non-sensitive scalp.

➥ Cost: $5-$250

➥ Chemical relaxers or straighteners are the opposite of perms that cause curls. These treatments chemically modify and relax the hair to eliminate or lessen curls and waves.

➥ Chemical hair straighteners target the disulfide links in the hair rather than the cysteine protein bonds. The hair is free to take a new shape once these ties have been dissolved.

➥ In this instance, that entails straightening the hair by eliminating its bends and waves. For usage at home, chemical straighteners supplied in kits are less potent than alternatives used by professionals.

➥ Most DIY kits are marketed as “no-lye relaxers,” which dissolve the disulfide bonds using calcium hydroxide.

➥ As a more potent and effective chemical relaxer in a professional setting, your stylist might use sodium hydroxide, also known as lye.

Japanese Straightener

Hair Straightening Cost

➥ Best for Curly or wavy healthy, undamaged thin, or medium-thick hair

➥ Cost: $150-$900

➥ Japanese straightening, thermal reconditioning, rebonding, or Yuko treatments use chemicals and heat to break and reconstruct the cysteine protein links in the hair to straighten it.

➥ After those linkages are dissolved, the hair is straightened and made to stay that way by applying scorching temperatures (steam and flat iron).

➥ Breaking the protein bonds in the hair requires roughly 15 to 20 minutes of chemical processing.

➥ Then, the hair is heated to a high degree, and those protein links are restructured using steam. The chemicals are once more administered to keep the protein bonds in their new position.

➥ To further fix the look, the hair is flat ironed at a high temperature. This procedure lasts in the salon for a total of 5 to 8 hours. You must return to the salon for the last few phases of the process after 72 hours have passed.

➥ It can harm hair more than other straightening treatments and isn’t always practical for all hair types, and it may last for roughly six months.

➥ For this reason, it shouldn’t be used on hair that has undergone chemical processing.

Comparing Hair Straightening Cost and Effectiveness

➥ The three most common techniques for permanently straightening hair have been thoroughly discussed:

  • Keratin hair straightening (Brazilian blowout)
  • Chemical straightening (relaxing)
  • Japanese hair straightening (thermal reconditioning)

➥ Some of these do better than others, even though their costs and efficacy are comparable.

➥ The most economical of the bunch is unquestionably chemical straightening procedures.

➥ You can use chemical relaxers to eliminate or lessen the amount of curl in your hair for as little as $5 for an at-home kit, and the efficacy trade-off is present.

➥ An at-home kit can be purchased for less money, although these employ calcium hydroxide rather than lye.

➥ Despite being less effective generally, they are less harsh on the scalp than lye-based relaxers that may cost up to $250 in a salon.

➥ For a good reason—they perform well and are frequently relatively affordable—keratin straightening procedures are very well-liked in the United States.

➥ They are frequently used on extraordinarily thick or curly hair because they bring luster and smoothness to the hair and last for roughly six months.

➥ They are even appropriate for damaged hair because they don’t harm the hair as much as relaxers or Japanese thermal straightening treatments.

➥ We rate the cost of keratin treatments as being in the middle range, with prices starting at around $150 and going as high as $600.

➥ The popularity of Japanese straightening procedures is rising abroad. These procedures use both heat and chemicals to straighten hair.

➥ However, the outcomes of this procedure are not always as straightforward as clients would want because different kinds of chemicals are used.

➥ The best hair for this technique is thin to medium-thick, curly or wavy, and not tightly coiled. While it doesn’t wholly straighten hair, it does have a soothing effect.

➥ It costs between $150 to $900 and lasts up to six months, and the price range is often between $300 and $600.

➥ Therefore, chemical relaxers are the least expensive method of permanently straightening your hair, but they can also harm it, much like a perm or hair color.

➥ When used on damaged hair, keratin treatments can be relatively economical, especially if your hair isn’t long. Japanese hair straightening procedures aren’t always successful and don’t suit all hair types.

➥ We believe the keratin straightening procedure is the most excellent choice overall for better results, minimal harm to the hair, and a full six months of straightened locks despite their fantastic price.

How to Straighten Your Hair with a Hair Straightener

FAQs – Hair Straightening

How Much Does It Cost to Straighten Hair?

➥ Depending on the procedure, the length and thickness of your hair, and the salon you visit, the cost of straightening your hair can change.

➥ For a hair straightening procedure, whether keratin, Brazilian Blowout, or another kind, budget between $100 and $200. Your hair’s length will also have an impact on the price.

Is Straightening Good for Hair?

➥ It will benefit you if you straighten your hair occasionally but not too frequently.

➥ The hair may dry out and break off if exposed to too much heat, and high heat exposure during straightening can cause the bonds in the keratin that makes up hair strands to dissolve.

How Long Does Hair Straightening Last?

➥ It depends on how frequently you straighten your hair and the straightening treatment you use.

➥ A Brazilian blowout can last up to 12 weeks, while a keratin treatment can last up to four months.

➥ Thermal reconditioning therapy can last up to 12 months, while a Japanese straightening treatment can last up to six months.

Does Straightening Damage Your Hair?

➥ Not at all, no. A high-quality hair straightener will seal your hair’s cuticles, making it silkier and smoother.

➥ Hair straightening only temporarily alters the physical structure of your hair; it does not harm your hair’s roots.

➥ However, a poor-quality straightener will harm your hair since it uses excessive heat and improper cuticle sealing.

Is Hair Smoothening Permanent?

➥ No, smoothing out your hair won’t last forever, and it will gradually disappear after three to five months on average.

➥ You will need to get it touched up every four to six weeks if you want the procedure to last longer.

Can I permanently straighten my hair?

➥ The least expensive and time-consuming method of attaining results at the salon is permanent straightening, which can persist for up to six months.

Is keratin or straightening better?

➥ The best option is probably chemically straightening your hair. We would suggest a keratin treatment if you desire straight hair but are content with a more “natural straightness,” and maintaining your hair’s health is essential.

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