Hair Highlights Cost And Techniques

How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?

➥ The typical price range for Hair Highlights is $75 to $115. For full highlights, budget $75 to $150 and up to $350 at high-end salons.

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ By location, salon, and hair length, prices might vary significantly.

Service Average Price
Full Highlights $75 – $150
Short Hair Highlights $60 – $70
Long Hair Highlights $90 – $150
Babylights $100 – $120
Balayage Highlights $100 – $150
Lowlights and Additional Colors $20 – $40
Ombre Highlights $100 – $150+
Partial Highlights $20 – $55
Pintura Highlights $100 – $120+

➥ These costs can fluctuate significantly amongst salons around the country. Keep reading to learn how much Hair Highlights the price and how to cut costs at the salon.

Why Highlight Prices Vary

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ Highlights generally cost between $75-$150 in most salons. You might find a few which cost less (like Supercuts, where highlights typically cost between $25 and $45), or the most expensive salons in cities could charge higher.

➥ It highlights techniques specifically designed for specific hair types, which cost as high as $350 in salons specializing in luxury.

➥ Highlights for hair with short lengths and even partial highlights are typically at the lower end of the cost scale.

➥ If you want some face-framing highlights, partially highlighted hair can be at least $20.

➥ This is because stylists will employ lesser lightening foils and products to create the appearance you desire when your hair is shorter or if you are only looking for a few highlights.

➥ It will also not take the same amount of time to finish. Highlights for longer hair and complete highlights that cover all hair usually fall more expensive on the price scale.

➥ If your hair is longer than your shoulders, you’ll require more products for lightening and foils to achieve the desired results.

➥ You’ll require lighter products if you’re looking for highlights across the hair (and not only concentrated in a few areas).

➥ Your stylist will also need more time to apply highlights in any of these situations.

Hair Highlights Cost by Type

➥ There are many kinds of highlights that you can purchase in hair salons, and more methods are being created constantly. 

➥ Here’s the price of the most sought-after hair types highlights cost.

Partial Highlights

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ Highlights that are partial cost between $20 to $55. The price is contingent on how many highlights are included. 

➥ For four highlight highlights with a face frame on the side of the hair, the price is around $20. 

➥ If you want partial highlights that are more substantial (about 12 highlights), it is between $45 and $55.

Full Highlights

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ Highlights entirely placed all over the head will cost $75 to $150. Full highlights include over 12 foils within the hair to give it an appearance of a total highlight. 

➥ The shorter hair is close to the $60 mark to get full highlights; longer hair can cost up to $90-$150 for full highlights.

Balayage Highlights

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ If a stylist employs the technique of balayage highlight and you want to pay between $100 and $150. 

➥ The method doesn’t use foils, and the stylist paints your desired hue directly on the hair’s strands to give it a natural appearance.


Hair Highlights Cost

➥ Ombre isn’t technically a technique for highlighting. It’s an approach to hair coloring, and it’s frequently misunderstood as the balayage technique. 

➥ The color darker or lighter than the remainder of the hair is applied to the ends of the hair and is pushed upwards to create a natural, soft transition. Prices start at around $150 for the ombre method.


Hair Highlights Cost

➥ Babylights are incredible highlights that emulate how a child’s hair gets lighter by the sun. They’re usually placed on the hairline, the face around the part and the crown.

➥ They’re a little more expensive than standard highlights because the hair needs to be divided into fine strands. 

➥ Then, it is applied with the lightning product and sealed with foils. Expect to pay between $100 and $120 for babylights.

Pintura Highlights

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ Pintura highlights are priced between $100 and $120 and are unavailable in all salons. 

➥ The highlights are painted hand on the hair (Pintura refers to “painting” in Portuguese). They are employed to highlight and accent curly or wavy hair.

➥ They are added to certain hair strands in the curves and bends of hair, where light usually is hitting on the waves of hair. The result is natural.

Lowlights and Additional Colors

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ For each additional shade used in highlights, you can expect to pay between $20 and $40 for a total of $75to $85. 

➥ The different colors used in highlights are for a more dimensional look.

➥ If, for instance, you have blond highlights and a couple of darker lowlights, you’ll pay an extra amount to get the additional toner or color employed to create the shadows.

Short Hair vs. Long Hair Highlights  

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ Highlights for short hair (hair over shoulders) are cheaper than highlights for long hair. 

➥ You should expect to shell out between $60-$70 for highlights on short hair. Foils and lighter products are employed to achieve the desired effect in hair with short lengths.

➥ It is quicker for stylists to apply highlights and complete the look in shorter hair. 

➥ Hair that extends past the shoulders can cost close to $110-$150.

➥ Longer hair will require more products for lightening and foils to achieve the desired results, and it also takes longer for stylists to complete.

Highlighting Techniques

Hair Highlights Cost

➥ Highlights can be drawn by hand, using foils, or using a highlight cap. Each method have their own advantages and disadvantages. This is what you should know about each technique for highlighting.

➥ The foil highlights is the most popular method of highlighting. Hair is divided with a comb and weaves some strands from each section, and then puts an aluminum foil under.

➥ Then, lighterening materials or colors are applied to the strands of the section. Finally, the foil piece is then folded to cover the section while it is being processed.

➥ The majority of salons use foil highlights due to the fact that foil highlights allow the highlights to be placed more closely close to scalp hair and to the roots of hair. This is more effective than caps that highlight.

➥ Foils can also permit a stylist to create highlights that are as thin (as as with babylights) or as chunky as is needed and even add several colors in the same time.

➥ The drawback of foil highlighters is the fact that they require longer to complete, which means that the first foils finished are completed faster than the previous ones completed.

➥ Highlighting caps aren’t nearly as popular as foils. Highlighting caps are slammed over hair and feature tiny perforations scattered throughout the cap.

➥ A small-sized hook device is used to cut through the perforations on the cap. It is then used to pull a few hair strands of hair into the cap at a given time. 

➥ For more hefty highlights, the stylist can draw additional hair strands into each hole.

➥ Color or lightening products can be then applied to hair that is removed without impacting the hair that is still in the cap.

➥ Cap highlights can be applied when a client wishes to have some random patterns of highlights on the hair in one shade.

➥ One of the benefits cap highlights provide is that the hair’s processes happen simultaneously. The downside is that the lightener or color will not reach the hair’s root.

➥ Highlights that are freehand are created without foils or caps for highlighting. They are applied directly on the hair with a small brush to create a natural appearance.

➥ Balayage, ombre as well as Pintura highlights are applied freehand to create a transitional color with no rough lines.

➥ By using the balayage technique, stylists paint the color halfway down the hair’s strands up to the ends of hair. 

➥ By using the ombre technique, stylists apply the color in a way that gradually changes into lighter or darker towards the ends.

➥ To create Pintura highlights, the color is applied starting from the hair’s ends upwards, focusing on the natural curves and curls of hair, to highlight curls.

➥ The benefit of having highlights that are freehand is that the end result is always very natural.

➥ The drawback with freehand highlights the fact that the lightener or color can bleed into the hair’s rest If a barrier isn’t in place to shield it. Also, it requires an professional and skilled stylist.

Are Highlights worth the cost?

➥ Highlights can vary in cost as low 20 dollars for highlights that are faceframed, up to $350 for hand-painted highlights at the most luxurious salon. 

➥ But is this particular hair lightening technique worth the expense? We think so.

➥ Highlights are a great method to alter your appearance without having to choose a new, all-over shade. 

➥ In addition, with latest coloring techniques and highlights including balayage and babylights, and ombre colors You can achieve a look with less effort and the requirement for regular hair touch-ups.

➥ For a more attractive face and add depth to your hair’s color and highlight the natural curls and waves on your hair Highlights are the best solution. 

➥ Highlights cost typically between $60-$150 They are a cost-effective method to transform your locks appearance.

➥ Are you ready to experience highlights in a salon close to you? We’ll help you schedule an appointment or locate the salon that allows walk-ins.

➥ Find a salon near you right now. Simply type in your zip code and see the closest salons to select from.

Full Hair Highlights Tutorial

FAQs – Hair Highlights

Which is better, highlights or hair color?

➥ In the majority of salons, a color that is single-processed is less expensive than highlights. In addition, single-color is known to be more gentle on hair’s hair than highlights.

➥ The bleach in highlight formulas can cause damage, especially when you do them frequently or apply other chemical hair treatments.

How do I choose a highlight color?

➥ When it comes down to picking the proper highlight color, Lee’s approach starts with your eyes.

➥ Lee suggests that you match your highlight color with the hue of your eyes shade. If you are cool-eyed, pick the cool-toned highlight shade that complements the natural hair color.

Do highlights damage your hair?

➥ Highlights and coloring Highlights and semi-permanent colors aren’t as harmful as bleach; however, they have their risks, Mirmirani says.

➥ They can alter hair’s internal structure, leading to a dull appearance and dryness, especially in cases where you regularly color to disguise gray or roots hair.

How Much Does It Cost to Highlight Your Hair?

➥ The price of highlighting your hair is contingent on the kind of highlights you receive, the hair color, and the hair salon you visit.

➥ It is possible to pay between $100-$300 for this treatment. However, it may be more expensive if you have longer hair or require more intricate highlights.

➥ Before getting highlights for your hair, it’s essential to talk with a stylist to discuss the style you’d like and the best approach to get it.

Do Highlights Ruin Your Hair?

➥ Highlights can damage your hair, leading to drying and being fragile. The chemicals that are used for lightening your hair could cause damage to your hair’s shaft.

➥ If you’ve got highlights, you must make use of a high-quality shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for hair that has been dyed.

Why Are Highlights So Expensive?

➥ Highlights usually require more effort and time than a regular hair color treatment.

➥ The stylist must cut off the hair and then apply the paint, taking more time and effort.

➥ They must also ensure that the highlights are constant and appear natural, requiring more expertise.

Are Highlights Worth It?

➥ Highlights can add dimension and depth to your hair without altering the color of your hair thoroughly.

➥ However, they’re not for all people. It all depends on the type of hair you have, the type of highlights you’d like, and the amount of maintenance required following the addition of highlights.

➥ Also, you should consider the cost before deciding whether highlights are worth the investment because they can be expensive.

Which Are Better Highlights or Balayage?

➥ There’s no universal solution to this question since the ideal hairstyle for highlights will depend on your unique hair type and preferences.

➥ Highlights are an excellent choice if you’re looking to achieve an elegant look as well as Balayage is a great option to get an organic and sun-kissed appearance.

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