Hair Extensions Cost – Human Hair Extensions And Synthetic Hair Extensions

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

➥ Hair extensions often cost between $100 and $1,000. If you do it yourself, budget $100 to $500; if you go to a salon, budget $200 to $1,000 (or more). A stylist’s and salon’s prices also differ.

Hair Extensions Cost

  • Clip-ins: $100 – $500
  • Microlinks: $200 – $900
  • Tape-ins: $200 – $1,000
  • Sew-ins: $275 – $500
  • I-tips: $300 – $900

➥ The type of extensions you choose will affect the total price you have to pay. The most common are:

  • Clip-ins are the cheapest and most affordable
  • Tape-ins, as well as cold fusion kinds, are the most expensive
  • Human vs. synthetic hair has a significant impact on the cost

➥ This article will examine the influences on the price of hair extensions. Based on the type of hair, extensions, and maintenance appointments, it is possible to compare prices and discover which extension is most appropriate for you.

Human Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

➥ The primary factor in determining how much the price of hair extensions is whether human and synthetic hair are utilized.

➥ The cost of human hair can be higher than that of artificial; however, it appears more natural and can be styled using heated, colored, or cut.

Human Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ Human hair can be donated from a donation and styled using cutting and heat. Human hair of the highest quality is referred to as “virgin hair” – never dyed, bleached or permed.

➥ The price of virgin hair is higher than human hair, chemically processed. There are also “Remy hair” extensions advertised as unique since the cuticle remains intact for the hair bundle.

➥ All hair is collected along the exact direction resulting in fewer knots. Human hair extensions purchased directly from the vendor cost anywhere from 75 to $400. That’s not including the cost of having a professional application.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ Synthetic hair is less expensive since it contains no human hair. It’s made from an amalgamation of various fibers and plastics. It’s made to look similar to human hair. However, it’s not perfect.

➥ Hair extensions made of synthetic hair have the chance of appearing “fake.” Hair extensions made of synthetic hair are not colorable because the chemical components in hair coloring eliminate the synthetic hair.

➥ It would help if you didn’t use the heat to style artificial hair (flat iron curling iron, wand blow dry, flat iron, etc.) since the heat could cause damage or melt the fibers made of synthetic. In addition, too excessive direct sunlight could damage the synthetic extensions because heat can damage them.

➥ The price of synthetic hair extensions ranges from $50-$85. They’re less expensive than a human hair but will not look as natural and offer less flexibility to style.

Types of Hair Extensions

➥ There are many different kinds of hair extensions, each with pros and cons. From sew-ins and clip-ins, these are the kinds of hair extensions you’ll be capable of choosing from. We’ll then take a look at the costs of each type so that you can make comparisons.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ The clip-in extensions for hair are tiny hair pieces that have little clips connected. Clips are attached to the hair that you have.

➥ Clip-in extensions are considered to be temporary. They are easily installed and taken off at home without needing a professional.

➥ Many opt to take off their extensions before bed to keep them in good shape. If you sleep with clip-in extensions, they may get caught and become mat.

➥ Clip-ins are used to enhance the length and increase volume and density in the most specific areas of the face. Clip-ins can improve the volume of hair around the face or give a more rounded look.

➥ Installing clip-ins is simply lifting a small section of your hair away from the way, snapping the clip shut near the base of your hair’s natural roots, and letting your hair fall over the clipped portion.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ Sew-in hair extensions can seem scary, but they’re one of the most sought-after and durable attachments. Sew-ins are braided to the hair you already have. They can also be added with tiny beads attached to your hair.

➥ They last 6 and 8 weeks and must be removed and installed by an expert. Braid-down sew-ins require braiding natural hair and securing it close to your scalp.

➥ Once the installation is completed, a portion of the hair is left in the braids to cover sewn-in hair wefts. Small braids help keep the wefts of extension (strands made of hair sewn onto a tiny fabric) flat.

➥ They can blend with natural hair. After braiding, the hair and the weft are braided to ensure a secure and sturdy installation.

➥ Sew-ins without braids (skip tracks or flat tracks) consist of placing tiny beads, typically covered with silicon to avoid slippage, to natural hair and then using them to join the sew-in wefts.

➥ This technique is perfect for those with thin or fine hair because braids aren’t strong enough to hold the weave.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ Hair extensions are taped with adhesive to keep the wings over the natural hair. Double-sided hair extensions made of keratin (about 2 inches in width) include small hair sections attached.

➥ These strips are attached to the roots of the hair’s natural roots on the opposite side. The natural hair can be “sandwiched” between two sections of adhesive strips.

➥ The sections are slightly overlapping to create a seamless appearance across all of the heads. Tape-ins have a reputation for lying more flat than other extension styles.

➥ However, they could also harm hair over the long term because of the adhesive. They last between 6-8 weeks. Professionals must remove them.

➥ If you’re using tape-ins, you shouldn’t use a regular shampoo conditioner, shampoo, or other oily products for hair.

➥ All of them could make the glue slide into the hair shaft. Special shampoos are applied when tape-ins are being installed.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ Hair extensions made of the micro link are wefts made of hair that are attached using micro-silicon beads. After blowing your hair, the beads bond to natural hair, one tiny piece at each time.

➥ Every bead contains a small weft or a section of synthetic or human hair. A specially designed loop tool can pull a small quantity of hair and place the dot on it.

➥ A plier tool can compress and secure the bead to every hair section. The result is a length of hair that hangs from each hair area where a bead has been put in.

➥ Microlink hair extensions last between 6 and 8 weeks, but they must be removed and applied by a professional to prevent pulling and damaging the hair that is naturally there.

➥ The hair extensions may require to be tightened or moved towards the root each 3-4 weeks.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ Hair extensions with I-tips are tiny hair strands that are attached to the hair, just like micro links. A micro-silicone bead is connected to small sections of hair that are natural with looping devices.

➥ The bead slips into the hair. Afterward, a plier is employed to secure the dot in the hair. The silicone inside the bead stops its slide down the hair’s shaft.

➥ The look that the I-tip extension is natural and virtually invisible. The wings do not have any adhesive or heat applied. Therefore they won’t damage your hair, as do other types of extensions.

➥ They can last 14 to 16 weeks, which is longer than other extensions. Professionals must set them up and take them off for you.

➥ Having your extensions positioned further away from your hair roots each week is beneficial. As hair grows out, the beads attached to it will move farther down the hair strand.

Hair Extensions Cost by Type

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ How much do the various types of hair extensions cost? Prices differ based on kind, and we’ll show each expense in the order of least to the most costly.

➥ Clip-ins are priced between $100 and $500. They can be used repeatedly and last for around one year, making them the most affordable kind of hair extension.

➥ They’re best for thick and medium hair, supporting the clips better. It is possible to apply them yourself.

➥ Tape-ins begin at around $200 but can cost upwards of $1,000. They last between 6 and 8 weeks.

➥ However, the adhesive may leave a sticky layer over the hair once removed. They’re best for thick or medium hair. It is recommended to have an expert apply them for an effortless look.

➥ Micro links start as low as $200 but can go up to $900. They last between 2 and 6 months. They’re best for hair with fine or thin hair, but they can also be used on thick or medium hair.

➥ They must be applied by a professional and then changed every couple of weeks to maintain the tiny beads near the scalp.

➥ Sew-ins start around $275 and increase in cost as you add more hair (about $60 per weft). They can last between 2 and 6 weeks. Professionals should apply them for you.

➥ I-tips range from $300 to $900, based on the quantity of hair used and the number of bundles used to make the use. They last for 14-16 weeks. They are one of the cheapest kinds of extensions.

Hair Extension Maintenance Cost

➥ While wearing sew-ins and clip-ins don’t need any maintenance, specific hair extensions require maintenance. Micro links, tape-ins, and I-tips require a certain degree of care to ensure they look the best they can.

➥ Here’s what you should expect to pay for your hair extension maintenance in the salon.

Tape-In Maintenance

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ You can expect to pay $150- 350 for the “move-up” appointment. The stylist will take off the sections of hair taped and then apply them to the roots of your hair as your hair grows naturally.

➥ It is essential to ensure that the salon you go to will wash and shampoo your hair before reinstalling extensions. Regular shampoo and conditioner shouldn’t be used on the hair once tape-ins have been put installed.

➥ Your roots need a thorough clean before you can go to the salon for a move-up appointment.

Microlink and I-Tip Maintenance

Hair Extensions Cost

➥ Any extension that utilizes a bead to secure the attachment of natural hair requires some maintenance every couple of weeks. Expect to pay between $100-$300 for these visits.

➥ The stylist will employ an instrument called a plier to open and loosen microbeads and then move them towards the hair’s roots. Doing this every couple of weeks will ensure that your extensions appear natural and begin from the base.

➥ As your hair grows naturally and expands, extensions applied using beads will grow placed further and further down your hair shaft. Maintenance appointments prevent the process from occurring.

ALL ABOUT HAIR EXTENSIONS: Everything You Need To Know!

Hair Extensions Cost Summary

➥ Human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair. However, they’re much more flexible.

➥  It is possible to color and style human hair, however, not with synthetic. Human hair extensions begin at $75 and can go to $400.

➥ The price of synthetic extensions ranges between $50 and $85. Hair extensions could cost as low as $100 (clip-ins) or as high as $1000 (tape-ins).

➥ Tape-ins can cost only $200, dependent on the number of sections required. Micro links range from $200 to the $900 mark, sewing-ins begin at around $275, while I-tips cost between $300 and $900.

➥ I-tips are the most suitable option if you want those extensions with the most durability that don’t cause damage to your hair. If you wish, you can put them on yourself and take them off any time. Choose clip-in extensions.

➥ If you’re concerned that your hair might be damaged, stay away from sew-in or tape-in extensions. Tape-ins may leave an oily remnant on your hair following removal.

➥ Braided sew-ins may cause hair loss at the root and can reduce hair growth if placed too long. Be sure to consider the maintenance expense when comparing the cost of various hair extensions.

➥ Micro links, taping I-tips, and micro links require maintenance appointments while wearing these items.

➥ Maintenance appointments for a tape-ins cost between $150 to $350. I-tip and Microlink maintenance appointments cost between $100 and $300.


How Long Do Beaded Hair Extensions Last?

➥ Our hair extensions last for about 2 to 3 years, with annual maintenance between 6-8 weeks.

How Much Are Beaded Hair Extensions?

➥ Our extensions vary between $600 to $2500. maintenance from $300 to $600.

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

➥ The natural hair extensions we offer are crocheted on a bead and then clamped to hold them in the desired position.

How long will extensions to hair last?

➥ The length of your hair extensions will depend on the type of extensions you purchase and how effectively you keep them once you put them.

➥ Braids, for instance, can last between two and eight weeks. In contrast, a short weave will have approximately two to four weeks.

What is the price for a total length of extensions for hair?

➥ A complete set of hair extensions is likely to be priced between $100-$3000 based on the type and quality of hair, the type of hair, and the amount of time it takes your stylist to complete the job.

➥ Most “regular” or average styles made of synthetic hair can range from $150 to $500.

What is the cost of hair extensions? Cost to keep?

➥ The hair extensions are quite a hassle to maintain. However, there are usually affordable quality, low-cost moisturizers, hair oil, or even scarves according to the requirements of your hairstyle.

➥ Many styles require you to cover your hair before bed at night. You are going to bed so your hair will last as long as possible.

Are hair extensions worth the cost?

➥ Hair extensions are an exciting way to change your appearance and experience an entirely new hairstyle or color. However, they can be costly.

➥ It’s essential to know what products and styles work best for your hair’s natural tone and which don’t. Ask your stylist for advice on determining the right extensions for your hair.

Do you shampoo your hair with extensions?

➥ The hair extensions can be rinsed after being taken off of your hair, or you can clean your hair with attachments if they’re bonded into your hair.

➥ Consult your stylist on how often to wash them; however, most would suggest washing synthetic hair extensions every week.

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