Hair Cuttery Prices and Services

What Are Hair Cuttery Prices?

➥ You don’t have to worry; we’ve compiled a list of the high, low, and average Hair Cuttery prices.

➥ You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for a complete list of Hair Cuttery costs! For an adult haircut, you’ll pay, on average, $22, and for a child’s haircut, $15, depending on the area.

➥ More expensive therapies include coloring, balayage, keratin treatments, and perms. Our price list below shows each service and its associated cost at three distinct Hair Cuttery locations (including the overall average cost).

Hair Cuttery Prices

➥ With sites in Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, the United States is home to almost 500 Hair Cuttery salons.

➥ We carefully examined the costs of the treatments at 3 of their salons spread around the United States.

➥ We were interested in how the prices varied between locations. It turns out that many of the services, like haircuts and waxing, are offered at uniform prices throughout all sites.

➥ However, a few can vary in price by as much as $11, depending on where you go. This is why it’s a good idea to check the Hair Cuttery price list before you go—you won’t experience sticker shock, and you’ll be prepared!

➥ Continue reading to see the Hair Cuttery prices list and compare the costs of the same services at other locations.

Hair Cuttery Prices and Service Menu

Hair Cuttery Prices

➥ Check out our comprehensive price guide below for a detailed look at Hair cutter costs and the services these salons provide. The following sites’ complete pricing information was obtained:

  • South Location: St. Cloud, FL
  • East location: Milltown, NJ
  • Midwest location: Bourbonnais, IL 

➥ These examples are a decent representation of the overall average prices at Hair Cuttery locations, while you might find modest variations in price at some locations. You’ll see that many services have comparable costs across areas.

➥ You only need to know the general average price for each service. The farthest column on the right shows the average cost for each service.

Service Menu South East Midwest Average
Signature Cut $22 $22 $22 $22
Signature Kids Cut $15 $15 $15 $15
Tea Tree VIP $27 $27 $27 $27
Edge Up $13 $13 $13 $13
Buzz Cut $16 $16 $16 $16
Clipper Design $18 $18 $18 $18
Deluxe Clipper Design $29 $29 $29 $29
Hair Extension/Wig Cut $32 $32 $32 $32
Classic Blowout $24 $22 $21 $22
Deluxe Blowout $36 $34 $33 $34
Curling or Flat Iron Set $13 $13 $13 $13
Curling or Flat Iron Finish $8 $8 $8 $8
Special Occasion Design $35 $35 $35 $35
Classic Updo $24 $22 $21 $22
Value Package Signature Cut with Blowout $42 $42 $42 $42
Signature Kids Cut with Blowout $23 $23 $23 $23
Signature Cut with Deluxe Blowout $53 $51 $50 $52
Value Package Signature Cut with Deluxe Blowout $63 $61 $60 $62
Single Color $61 $55 $61 $59
Value Package Single Color $96 $90 $96 $94
Value Package Full Foil $126 $121 $121 $123
Value Package Color & Partial Foil $157 $146 $152 $152
Value Package Partial Foil $96 $91 $91 $93
Value Package Color & Full Foil $187 $176 $182 $182
Value Package Gray Blending $60 $60 $60 $60
Value Package Root Touchup with Gloss $119 $113 $119 $117
Value Package Color & Full Balayage $197 $186 $192 $192
Value Package Color Partial Balayage $167 $156 $162 $162
Value Package Full Balayage $136 $131 $131 $133
Value Package Partial Balayage $106 $101 $101 $103
Perm $64 $64 $62 $63
Specialty Perm $84 $84 $82 $83
Relaxer or Texturizer $70 $75 $80 $75
Value Package Relaxer or Texturizer $139 $142 $146 $142
Keratin $137 $137 $137 $137
Redken Chemistry Treatment $15 $15 $15 $15
Relaxing Scalp Massage $6 $6 $6 $6
Clarifying Treatment $15 $15 $15 $15
Brow Shaping $12 $12 $12 $12
Bang Trim $6 $6 $6 $6
Shampoo $6 $6 $6 $6

➥ In several instances, the Florida Hair Cuttery store we checked has higher prices than the East and Midwest counterparts.

➥ However, most locations charge the same amount for services like haircuts, keratin treatments, and unique occasion hairstyles.

➥ It’s convenient to be able to visit a Hair Cuttery in another city or state and know the cost of your haircut will remain the same.

➥ There is a considerable variation of charges when you look at the average expenses for each treatment provided at these salons.

➥ For as little as $6, you may get services like shampoo, haircuts, and scalp massages. The Value Package, which costs approximately $192 and includes an all-over color and full balayage, is the most expensive service at Hair Cuttery locations.

➥ At Hair Cuttery, services typically cost around $61. The typical cost will be substantially lower—around $26–$27—if you’re getting a haircut or style without chemical treatments.

What Services Do Hair Cuttery Salons Offer?

➥ Hair Cuttery salons offer services that may not be obvious. What is a Value Package? These are the services that you can expect to see on the menu in these salons. Here’s what they include.


Hair Cuttery Prices

➥ Signature Cut: Includes a scissor cut and shampoo, conditioner, as well as brush styling

➥ Signature kids’ cut: Includes a scissor cut, shampoo, and conditioner for children ten and younger.

➥ Design with clippers: This design uses clippers up to 3 inches in diameter

➥ Buzzcut Includes a clipper with one guard. It does not include shampoo.

➥ Deluxe clipper design: Designed for clippers with a diameter greater than 3 inches

Hair Styling

Hair Cuttery Prices

➥ Classic blowout Shampoo, conditioner, and styling with blow-dry

➥ Classic updo This includes shampoo, conditioner, and a basic updo.

➥ Unique occasion design: Includes styles for occasions like weddings, proms, etc.

➥ Deluxe blowout: Includes shampoo and conditioner. Blow-dry for highly textured Hair

Chemical Treatments

Hair Cuttery Prices

➥ Single application color: Shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, and all-over color

➥ Perm: Includes shampoo and conditioner, permanent waves, and blowout

➥ Specialty Perm: Shampoo, conditioner, and permanent wave with unique wraps such as a spiral or beach wave perm

➥ Partial and complete foil: Includes shampoo/conditioner, hair dryer, and partial or complete foil highlights.

➥ Balayage: Shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, and hand-painted balayage color throughout

➥ Relaxer: Includes shampoo, conditioner, chemical relaxer/straightener, blow-dry, and basic set

➥ Keratin Treatment: Shampoo, conditioner, and Keratin Treatment to smoothen and straighten Hair.

Other Services

Hair Cuttery Prices

➥ Clarifying treatment Takes out product and mineral buildup from Hair.

➥ Brow shaping Includes eyebrow wax and the area between the brows.

➥ Tea Tree VIP Includes a 3-minute scalp massage, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner, and a haircut.

➥ Value Packages: include bonuses such as Redken Chemistry Treatments or conditioning hair masks at a discounted price. For example, the Signature Cut Classic Blonde Value Package.

➥ Ask your Hair Cuttery stylist about any services you would like to combine. You can combine haircuts, colors, and highlights with low-cost treatments, such as value packages.

 How Hair Cuttery Prices Compare

Hair Cuttery Prices

➥ Haircuts at Hair Cuttery salons typically cost $22. The price includes a shampoo and conditioner, a significant discount from other salons. These salons are priced in comparison to other salons offering similar services.

➥ Haircuts: cost $22 at Hair Cuttery. The average price for a haircut with shampoo is $20-$23 at Supercuts, $22 @ Sport Clips, $19 at Fantastic Clips, and $19 from HTML3_ Great Clips HTML3_. This data shows that Hair Cuttery’s haircut pricing is comparable to other franchise salons.

➥ Perms: are available at Hair Cuttery outlets for around $63. Perms cost an average of $58 at Fantastic Sams and $30 at Great Clips for long Hair. Hair Cuttery salons charge $84 for special perms like beach waves or spiral perms.

➥ Waxing: Hair Cuttery salons charge $12 for Waxing or Brow shaping. Supercuts’ waxes cost between $6 and $10, while Fantastic Sams charges $11 to $12. This pricing seems to be on the higher side of average.

➥ Colors: cost around $59 at Hair Cuttery Salons. Single-process colors cost $35-$50 at Supercuts and $61 at Fantastic Sams. Supercuts offers the best hair color prices, but Hair Cuttery’s cost is lower than the national average of $80.

➥ Hair Cuttery salons are comparable to franchise salon chains but more affordable than independent salons. Hair Cuttery prices tend to be higher than Supercuts, Great Clips, or Fantastic Sams.

➥ It’s still a great value, especially if they are near you. Use our Hair Cuttery Salon locator to locate the closest salon to you.

Why Choose Hair Cuttery?

➥ The owners of Hair Cuttery have a wealth of experience working in the upscale, traditional hair and beauty industry, giving us the confidence that even though their rates are fair and competitive, they can deliver high-caliber services that can only be found in opulent salons.

➥ The demands of clients from various areas of life can be met by Hair Cuttery salons, which offer a full range of hairstyling and treatment services.

➥ They serve as one-stop shops for all of your hair and beauty needs.

Hair Cuttery Operating Hours

Monday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Hair Cuttery Near Me

About Hair Cuttery

➥ Each stylist at Hair Cuttery is qualified and prepared to give you the desired style and feel.

➥ The Hair Cuttery stylists can give you the appearance you want, whether straight out of a fashion magazine, more conventional and conservative, or your particular style.

➥ They ensure you leave their salons with a positive sense of pleasure and attractiveness.

➥ Dennis and Ann Ratner are the creators of the Hair Cuttery Salon Chain. In 1973, Ann, a seasoned stylist, and Dennis, who hailed from a family with strong ties to the beauty industry, decided to revolutionize the hairstyling industry.

➥ Dennis and Ann decided to create a new type of hair salon that doesn’t require appointments and whose services are affordable for their value, breaking away from the then-popular fussy beauty parlors and clubby barbershops concept.

➥ They did this by drawing their business plan on a paper napkin, and West Springfield, Virginia, was where it all began in 1974.

➥ Hair Cuttery employs almost 12,000 people across 750 locations in 16 states. Convenience, cost, and consistency are the three service concepts that Hair Cuttery emphasizes.

➥ To set up an appointment with Hair Cuttery, please visit their official site at

FAQs – Hair Cuttery

How much is the color at Hair Cuttery?

➥ Haircolor – $45 per person (starting price)

How much are highlighted at Hair Cuttery?

➥ Partial Highlights – $45 per person (starting price)
➥ Full Highlights – $75 per person (starting price)

Do You Offer An Appointment Online?

➥ You may schedule an appointment at Register and choose the location you prefer.

➥ You are free to book, reschedule and cancel your appointment with no fee charges.

Does Hair Cuttery Accept Walk-In Clients?

➥ Hair Cuttery accepts walk-in clients.

➥ So come and visit the closest salon to you, and the staff is ready to give you the service you want.

How much is style expressed at Hair Cuttery?

➥ Style Express – $32 per person (starting price)

How much is a haircut at Hair Cuttery?

➥ Shampoo and Cut – $17 per person (starting price)

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