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Great Clips Prices And Services

Great Clips Prices

➥ Finding Great Clips Prices can be challenging. Since there are so many sites, each franchisee is able to determine their own prices. See the high, low, and average pricing listed below to get an idea of what to budget for at Great Clips.

What Are Great Clips Prices?

➥ Great Clips is renowned for having more affordable costs than many other salons.

They don’t provide as many treatments as a full-service salon (i.e., they don’t perform nails, colors, or highlights), but this is one way they keep their pricing low and wait times short.

Great Clips Prices

You might be amazed at how many services Great Clips offers despite not providing chemical treatments (though some locations provide perms).

These are some of the benefits you might be able to select from when you visit one of Great Clips’ 4,100 hair salons.

Average Great Clips Prices

Customers can choose from the following services at Great Clips locations. They provide hair services for seniors, kids, ladies, and men.

Each service’s low, average, and high prices are listed below.

Great Clips Service Low Price Average Price High Price
Adult haircut $13 $15 $16
Child haircut $11 $13 $14
Senior haircut $11 $13 $14
Bang trim $5 $6 $7
Neck trim $5 $6 $7
Beard trim $5 $6 $7
Shampoo $3 $4 $5
Conditioning treatment $10 $14 $17
Regular length style $20 $25 $35
Long length style $34 $35 $45
Formal style $45 $50 $60
Partial perm $30 $40 $45
Full perm $49 $60 $70
Long perm $79 $90 $115

It’s a good idea to review the price list at a Great Clips location before you go. Prices for each service vary.

Even though Great Clips has thousands of locations nationwide, each one is owned by a franchisee.

Depending on their salon’s location, the franchisee chooses the prices for each service.

There might be a slight variation in services from one city to the next. More fantastic cities typically have higher Great Clips salon prices.

Great Clips Prices by Service

Let’s examine the prices at Great Clips and how they vary around the country.

Great Clips Haircut Prices

great clips prices

The cost of an adult haircut at Great Clips ranges from $13 to $16. Cuts for children and seniors range from $11 to $14.

Cuts for children and seniors cost $2 less than cuts for adults. For an adult haircut, most places charge $15; for children and the elderly, they charge $13.

Haircut Type Low End High End
Adult $13 $16
Children $11 $14
Senior $11 $14

Customers at Great Clips in Missouri City, Texas, pay $13 for an adult haircut and $11 for one for a child or senior.

Customers in Jacksonville, Florida, are charged $14 for an adult haircut and $12 for a cut for children or seniors.

Customers in Tampa, Florida, Norco, California, and Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, pay $15 for an adult haircut and $13 for a child’s or senior citizen’s haircut.

An adult haircut in Beaumont, California, costs $16, and the cost of a haircut in this place is $14 for children and seniors.

Great Clips Trim Prices

great clips prices

For those who may not require a full haircut, Great Clips also offers neck and beard trims, bang trims, and bang waxing. These cost between $5 and $7 per trim, more minor than haircuts.

Your location impacts the cost, and here is a comparison of trim prices at various Great Clips locations.

Service Type Low End High End
Generic Trim $5 $7

In Missouri City, Texas, beard, neck, and trimmings cost $5.

In Aurora, Colorado, and Algonquin, Illinois, a trim costs $6. Beard, neck, and bang trimming in Chesapeake, Virginia, cost $7.

Great Clips Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment Prices

great clips prices

You should expect to pay between $3 and $5 if all you need is shampoo or if you want to add one to another service.

Once more, the price you pay will depend on where you are and the amount the franchise owner decides to set to remain competitive in their market.

Treatment Type Low End High End
Shampoo $3 $5
Condition $10 $17

A shampoo costs $3 in Gahanna, Ohio. Some places, like the Great Clips in Daytona Beach, Florida, charge $4 for shampoo. In Aurora Great Clips, Colorado, this service costs $5.

A conditioning treatment to be added to your shampoo will cost between $10 and $17. Following a shampoo, this treatment is applied to the hair.

The stylist will use it and allow it to deeply condition the hair for around 15 minutes. You may sit next to a dryer with a hood during this period.

In Bowie, Maryland, a conditioning treatment costs $10. Priced at $11 in Gahanna, Ohio, this procedure You must spend $14 in West Hills, California, to add this service.

A similar service in Aurora, Colorado, costs $15. The cost in Pittsburg, California, is $17.

Great Clips Hair Styling Prices

great clips prices

At Great Clips, you can acquire a range of hairstyles either as a service or in conjunction with a brand-new haircut.

You can come in, for instance, and have your hair curled, waved, or straightened with a flat iron. A blowout or a more formal style like an updo are additional options.

Type of Hair Style Low End High End
Regular Length Style $20 $35
Long Length Style $34 $45
Formal Style $45 $60

The most affordable lengths range in price from $20 to $35, depending on the locale.

Hair at or above the shoulders will be charged at regular length style charges, and the cost increases a little for styles with extended lengths.

Depending on where you go, long hair styling costs anywhere from $30 to $45 per hour.

The most expensive types are formal because they require more time and could require greater precision.

A traditional style should cost you between $40 and $60. To get the appearance you want with your hair length, chat with your hairdresser in advance about if longer hair will incur an additional fee.

For a standard length style, the Gahanna, Ohio Great Clips charges $20; for an extended length style, $34; and for a formal manner, $45.

A standard type costs $20, a long-length class costs $45, and a traditional style costs $60 in Aurora, Colorado.

For a standard length style, the Pittsburg, California Great Clips salon costs $25; for an extended length style, $35; and for a formal manner, $45.

Regular length styles cost $35, long length styles cost $45, and standard versions cost $55 in Bowie, Maryland.

Great Clips Perm Prices

great clips prices

Not all Great Clips hair salons provide perms in addition to haircuts and styling, but some do.

If a Great Clips in your area offers perms, the cost will be between $30 (half perm) to $115. (long term). You could expect to pay between $50 and $70 for a standard perm.

Type of Perm Low End High End
Partial Perm $30 $45
Regular Perm $49 $70
Long Perm $79 $115

A partial perm costs $30 at the Great Clips in Gahanna, Ohio, a regular perm is $49, and a long perm is $79 there.

A partial perm costs $40, a traditional perm costs $65, and a long perm costs $90 in Pittsburg, California.

A partial perm costs $40, a regular perm costs $60, and a long perm costs $115 in Santee, California.

Great Clips Prices vs. Other Salons

great clips prices

Great Clips is renowned for its reasonable prices and short lines, enabling more individuals to afford routine hair care by keeping costs low.

Additionally, if you frequently get your hair cut or styled, the reasonable prices at these salons will surely appeal to you.

Customers don’t have to wait as long for a stylist to become available because they don’t offer time-consuming procedures like colors and highlights.

In place of making appointments, this enables Great Clips to accept walk-ins and online check-ins.

The typical haircut cost at Great Clips is $15. In contrast, other salons could charge $35 and above for a haircut.

At Great Clips, trims typically cost $5, although other salons may charge anywhere from $11 to $20.

Great Clips charges roughly $14 for conditioning treatments, while rival salons charge about $45 for similar services.

The typical cost of a Great Clips hairdo is $25 for standard length, $35 for long distance, and $50 for formal.

This is by the typical salon, where short hairstyles may start at $20 and increase in price as hair length does.

What’s great about working at Great Clips?

How Much Do Great Clips Charge?

Overall, we think the pricing at Great Clips is among the finest of any salon, franchise or not.

It’s a well-liked option for anyone looking for dependable and high-quality hair treatment due to the lower wait times and uncomplicated service.

Does this seem appealing to you? Finding a Great Clips near you is now simpler than ever.

Enter your location, and we’ll display the places closest to you. What are you holding out for? Start right away!

Do all Great Clips charge the same?

The cost of an adult haircut at Great Clips ranges from $13 to $16, and cuts for children and seniors range from $11 to $14.

Cuts for children and seniors cost $2 less than cuts for adults. For an adult haircut, most places charge $15; for children and the elderly, they charge $13.

How can I save money at Great Clips?

Use a discount coupon from Great Clips salons to get a deal on the high-quality hair products they sell. Discounts have been offered from 15% off any single product to Buy One, Get One 50% Off.

FAQ – Great Clips Prices, Hours & Locations

What is a decent price for a haircut?

Overall, we found that the average price range for a haircut in the United States is between $40 and $66. On average, a haircut costs about $53. But what happens in the end depends on a few things.

Should I wash my hair before a haircut?

Most of the time, you should shampoo your hair before your appointment. Try to shampoo your hair at least 48 hours before your haircut so that your stylist can see the natural texture and shape of your hair.

How much do you tip for a $15 haircut?

How much should you tip a barber for a haircut? If the service was good, you should leave 15% to 20% of the total bill as a tip. You can tip more if the service was great or less if it wasn’t good enough.

What should you not do before getting a haircut?

It’s usually not a good idea to come to your appointment with a lot of buildup from styling products, especially if you’re getting a dry cut or highlights before washing. It can make hair color go on unevenly and change how your hair stylist sees the type and texture of your hair before they cut it.

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