What Coupons Does Great Clips Offer?

Great Clips Coupons ( Current )

➥ You may save money at Great Clips on hair products, styles, and cuts. However, does the business provide discounts for haircuts?

➥ Your haircut or service from Great Clips gets even more affordable when you apply a promo code. To ensure the discount will be honoured, call the Great Clips salon closest to you before using a random coupon you found online.

➥ Even though Great Clips is a franchise, most of its locations are independently owned. Therefore not every store provides discounts on haircuts and other services. They might, however, be conducting their advertising.

Great Clips Coupons

➥ When I contacted Great Clips’ media team to inquire about any national coupons, deals, or promotions, they confirmed it. Because of this hair blog size, I frequently receive exclusive deals from brands.

➥ Unfortunately, they informed me that they had no exclusive deals to share with me and advised my readers to check with the establishments in their neighbourhood for exclusive pricing and discounts.

➥ Other websites may claim to offer exclusive Great Clips coupon codes and promos, but most of them are just local deals that don’t apply to your store. But there are several tricks you may use to save a lot of money without utilising a coupon.

What Coupons Does Great Clips Offer?

Great Clips Coupons

➥ Who doesn’t want to save money? When you go to the Great Clips salon, you will likely spend between $13 and $16 for haircuts ($11 up to $13 for kids and seniors). 

➥ The listing of the average price for Great Clips is here.

➥ Although these are great prices, they are also lower than most hair salons. Great Clips makes it simple to save even more by using their coupon codes.

➥ Coupons from Great Clips are released on a regular and consistent schedule.

➥ There are amazing deals to be found via mailers for print, email and social media throughout the year.

➥ The big sale on haircuts happens every year twice (read details about the sale in the following section).

➥ Also, you can earn coupons by entering the Great Clips sweepstakes!

➥ You can find a variety of Great Clips coupons, including:

  •  $2-$5 off haircuts  
  •  $6.99-$8.99 haircuts  
  •  Free haircuts for veterans  
  •  Discounts on hair care products

➥ While not every location is involved in these types of promotions, there are some standard promotions that many locations offer. Find out more about each type of promotion below.

$2-$5 Off Great Clips Haircut Coupons

Great Clips Coupons

➥ Great Clips is known to offer coupons that give you anywhere from $2 to $5 off the price of a regular haircut.

➥ We’ve seen tons of $1, $2, $3, and $5 off coupons for haircuts at these salons over the last few years. The great thing about these coupons is that they’ll apply to any haircut – adult, senior, or child.

➥ Since the average Great Clips adult haircut is just $13-$16, a coupon like this could bring the cost down to as low as $8.

➥ For a senior or child’s haircut (normally $11-$14), you could pay as little as $6 for the haircut with a $5 off coupon.  

How to Get $5 Off Haircut Coupons at Great Clips

➥ Check above to see if there’s a current $2-$5 off coupon for Great Clips. Most coupons Great Clips offers have an expiration date.

➥ So you need to make sure you’re signed up with a Great Clips account to get the inside scoop when these coupons become available.

➥ Great Clips sometimes offers coupons like these when you enter one of their sweepstakes.

➥ You can enter Great Clips sweepstakes to win things like vacations, sporting event tickets, celebrity meet and greets, and more. Try entering any current Great Clips sweepstakes to get a dollar-off coupon.

➥ You can also sign up with a Great Clips account on their website or download the Great Clips app on iOS or Android to get digital coupons.

➥ Once you have an account, you may also receive mailers from Great Clips with exclusive coupons.

Great Clips $6.99 Haircut Coupons

Great Clips Coupons

➥ This is the major deal everybody is excited about. This is the $6.99 coupon for haircuts! Great Clips has already announced their big deal for 2021. Although it’s not $6.99 for haircuts, it’s pretty close.

➥ In 2021, the Great Clips deal will be $8.99 for haircuts. This is a substantial discount over the $15 for a haircut for haircuts at Great Clips salons!

How to Get Great Clips $6.99 Haircut Coupons

➥ Great Clips runs its big haircut sale each year. The promotion is offered twice a year, typically in the fall and spring, and find it in late February and the late part of October. In the past, Great Clips offered the $6.99 haircut coupon twice a year.

➥ However, since prices are increasing everywhere, the latest coupon offers haircuts for $8.99. It could be a temporary rise following the closing of Covid-19, and the $6.99 haircut coupon may return in the coming year.

➥ A Great Clips account can ensure that you receive coupons when they come out by signing up on their website or through their app.

➥ Look through the coupons currently available on the upper right-hand side of this page and see whether there’s an $8.99 haircut coupon available!

Great Clips Free Haircut for Veterans Coupon

Great Clips Coupons

➥ Great Clips offers a special promotion exclusively for veterans annually during and following Veteran’s Day (November 11).

➥ Veteran customers can visit Great Clips on Veteran’s Day to receive a haircut for free.

➥ They can also make an offer for free haircuts with them to take advantage of at a later time.

➥ Anyone not a veteran, can visit on Veteran’s Day to pick up an opportunity to get a haircut for free to present to a veteran.

How to Get Great Clips Free Haircuts for Veterans Coupon

➥ Veterans can go to any Great Clips salon on Veteran’s Day for a free haircut. You can opt to receive the haircut free on the day or use the card or coupon to return for a haircut for up to 30 days after (December 11, 2011).).

➥ Anyone not a veteran, can visit the nearest Great Clips salon on Veteran’s Day to request a free haircut promo card to present to the veteran.

➥ The card is valid only for veterans and can be used for up to 30 consecutive days following Veteran’s Day (December 11).

Great Clips Hair Care Products Discount Coupons

Great Clips Coupons

➥ Have you noticed that it’s difficult to get your hair to look the same as it did in the salon when you arrive home?

➥ It’s probably due to your stylist’s professional-grade hair care products. Great Clips offers several lines of professional hair care products at its locations.

➥ They frequently release coupons that offer an enormous discount on the cost of their products. Most of the time, Great Clips product coupons are offered with a percentage discount and BOGO style.

How to Get Great Clips Hair Care Products Coupons

➥ To reduce costs on high-quality hair care products that Great Clips salons offer, you can avail of any coupon codes for a discount.

➥ We’ve seen discounts ranging from 15% off a single product to Purchase One and Get One 50% off.

➥ In recent times, Great Clips has been offering a variety of discount coupons of 20 per cent off single product coupons.

➥ Coupons can be obtained when you sign up for an account on their website or mobile app. Great Clips account on their website or through their mobile application.

➥ It is also advisable to inquire with your Great Clips stylist if they are running any promotional offers for products when you visit. They typically have their BOGO 50% off promotion during the holidays.

➥ Keep an eye out for the special from November through December. Go through the coupon on this site to find the latest coupon codes for discounts on products!

➥ Check out the official site Current Great Clips Coupons – Great Clips Coupons

Great Clips Location Nearest

➥ You can find the Great Clips location nearest you with our Great Clips locator.

FAQs – Great Clips Coupon

Where can I get a Great Clips haircut coupon?

➥ Great Clips coupons can be sent to customers in many ways, including via email, print postcards and Facebook and Instagram ads.

➥ You can sign up for email updates, download the app, create a profile and follow your Great Clips salon on Facebook.

➥ It would help if you were careful with coupons that you find online. Great Clips do not approve some, and some only apply to certain salons. We recommend you verify any coupon’s validity by calling your local salon.

How do I know if my digital coupon is valid? How can I find out when a digital coupon expires?

➥ Check with your local salon to see what discounts and coupons they accept. Each digital coupon has a unique single-use code of 5 to 6 characters.

➥ You can view the unique URL of these coupons to see where it is valid and when it expires. For any questions, please contact the salon to confirm that they accept the voucher.

How do I know if my paper coupon is valid?

➥ Coupons should include expiration dates and an explanation of where they are valid. You can verify this information by calling your local salon if you cannot determine the expiration date.

Are coupons found on Facebook or Instagram valid?

➥ Click on the “Redeem Now” button if you see a coupon in an Instagram or Facebook ad. This will display the unique 5- or 6-character, single-use coupon code.

➥ A coupon that doesn’t have a single-use code of 5 or 6 characters is unlikely to be valid. To confirm that the coupon is good in your city, market, or salon, scroll down to the Terms and Conditions section.

➥ The voucher may not be valid at your salon if your city, call, or salon isn’t listed in the Terms & Conditions. For more information, contact your local salon.

What should I do if my coupon doesn’t have a barcode?

➥ You should not find a coupon online without a unique code for one use that is at least 5 or 6 characters long.

➥ This is a sign that the coupon is not valid. You can call them to verify that the coupon is accepted at your salon.

Why was my coupon not accepted at my local Great Clips salon?

➥ Each franchisee decides what coupons to accept and which they will offer at each location. If you’d like a follow-up, please email with the salon location and details.

➥ We will pass it on to the franchisee so they can reach you about your concerns. Or, you can contact your local salon directly.

Do you offer student discounts?

➥ Franchisees can decide whether they offer discounts to students. You can call your local salon to verify whether they provide students discounts.

Do you offer senior discounts?

➥ Franchisees decide whether they offer senior discounts. You can call your local salon to verify whether they offer senior discounts.

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