Fantastic Sams Prices And Services

What Are Fantastic Sams Prices?

➥ Are you wondering what the Fantastic Sams Prices are regarding haircuts, colour highlights, Perms, hairstyles and other services?

➥ It isn’t easy to get precise pricing information for these salons, and not all locations have their prices and services on the internet.

➥ Our goal was to discover the price of Fantastic Sams for a handful of locations across the United States and put them together into a simple price guide.

Fantastic Sams Prices

➥ We learned how much you could expect to pay for each item Fantastic Sams offers – haircut highlights, colours styles, perms, styles waxing and more.

➥ Knowing what the haircut, colour or other services will cost is crucial before heading into the hair salon.

➥ Are you looking for information on the “highlights?” Here’s an overview of the standard Fantastic Sams prices in all locations in the U.S.

  • Hair cut using shampoo $19
  • Hairwash and blow-dry: $23  
  • Flat iron/curling iron style: $27  
  • Waxing: $11-$12
  • Kids’ haircut: $14
  • Color: $61
  • Full highlights: $76-$86
  • Perm: $58

➥ This is only a brief look at what you can do in Fantastic Sams. These salons offer many other services than those shown in this article! We’ll talk more about them in a moment.

➥ Now, let’s look at the pricing of Fantastic Sams and how it differs according to the area. Are Fantastic Sams as cheap as it’s advertised? We’ll discover!

Fantastic Sams Prices

Fantastic Sams Prices

➥ We’ve collected prices for Fantastic Sams from across the country.

➥ To give you a better idea of what you could expect to spend at a store near you, we examined the prices of Fantastic Sams salons in the East (Reading, PA), Midwest (Bloomington, MN) as well as West (Orange, CA).

➥ Here’s the information we’ve gathered about the price of Fantastic Sams:

➥ The costs were most affordable at Eastern locations, and haircuts were approximately $2 lower than the average nationwide for the franchise salon chain.

➥ Prices in Western areas were similar to the average. However, a few were just a penny or two more than the mean.

➥ The Midwest regions tend to be more costly for hair cuts, perms, sets, shampoo and conditioning treatments styles, waxing, and haircuts.

➥ Cuts for kids are generally lower by $5-$9 than adult ones, contingent on the area of origin.

➥ Adults will pay anything from $17 to $121 or around $19 in the average price for haircuts, shampoos and blow dry. For a haircut, shampoo or blow-dry, as well as a cut, you can expect to pay an average of $32.

➥ Kids can pay anything from $12-$15or around $14 for haircuts, shampoos and a blow-dry. For haircut, shampoo hair, blow-dry, or cut, you can expect to pay an average of $28.

➥ Specific locations do not offer the same amenities as other locations. This is because Fantastic Sams salons are part of a national franchise, and salon owners are independent franchisees.

➥ They decide on the prices and services that they can avail in their salons. For instance, we noted that the Orange, CA salon did not provide waxing.

➥ Check out the ways Fantastic Sams’s prices differ by location below. We’ve also compared prices for each service so that you can determine the price you’ll pay for each.

Services List West Prices East Prices Midwest Prices Average Price
Precision Cut $19 $17 $21 $19
Kids Precision Cut $14 $12 $15 $14
Sam’s Cut Plus $29 $25 $26 $27
Kids Cut Plus $22 $16 $19
Sam’s Designer Cut $34 $30 $32
Kids Designer Cut $28 $28
Quick & Easy Perm $55 $55 $64 $58
Sam’s Perm Plus $72 $65 $68.50
Designer Perm $85 $90 $87.50
Color $55 $65 $64+ $61
Color Touchup $49 $55 $54 $53
Partial Highlight $65 $60 $64+ $63
Full Highlight $75 $65-$95 $89 $76-$86
Shampoo & Set $22 $20 $30+ $24
Shampoo & Blow Dry $20 $20 $30+ $23
Conditioning Treatment $16 $8 $20-$25 $15-$17

➥ We selected prices from the West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest areas to determine the average nationwide.

Fantastic Sams Services

Fantastic Sams Prices

➥ If you’ve seen the prices typical of Fantastic Sams salons, you may have a few questions regarding the various services they provide.

➥ What’s a Sam’s Plus Cut? Have you had a chance to hear about a Designer Perm? It’s not a problem.

➥ We’ve got the specifics on every service you can avail yourself of at these salons and what’s included in each. This is a brief overview of the benefits you can do at all fantastic Sams locations.

➥ Precision Cut : includes haircuts, Shampoo, and a tousle dry

➥ Kids Precision Cut: Shampoo, cut, as well as a tousle dry for children ten and less

➥ Sams Cut Plus: Includes Shampoo, haircut and blow-dry

➥ Kids Cut Plus Shampoo, cut and blow-drying for children ten and less

➥ Sams Designer cut: Shampoo, hair, blow-dry and hairstyle

➥ Kids Cut Shampoo, hair, blow-dry and hairstyle for children ten and younger.

➥ Quick and Simple Perm Shampoo and perms only

➥ Sams Perm PLUS Shampoo perm, hair, and haircut

➥ Designer Perm It includes perms, hair, Shampoo and the style

➥ Color Single process color. complete head application

➥ Color Retouch One-time color touchups on the 1-inch increase or less

➥ Paragraph Highlights It includes up the 25 foils

➥ Highlights/Weaving: Included are foils that have complete head applications

➥ Shampoo and Set Shampoo and set included.

➥ Shampoo and Blow Dry includes Shampoo as well as straight blow-dry

➥ Conditioner Treatment includes Shampoo as well as moisture replenishing treatment

➥ Hot Tool Style Hot tool styling includes Shampoo as well as using a curling iron or flat iron

➥ Updo: Includes formal hairstyle (updo, braids, etc. ). There is no shampoo included.

➥ Face Waxing This has waxing eyebrows, lips, lips, chin or sideburns

➥ Be sure to look at what services are included in each one since many of their services have a shampoo for free. For Fantastic Sams, your Shampoo is known as “FS shampoo.

➥ “FS shampoo experience.” It comes with a three-minute scalp massage that will help you relax throughout your visit.

Things to Consider

Fantastic Sams Prices

➥ A key point to remember is that each Fantastic Sams’s haircut comes with a shampoo. It’s a great gift to include since most salons cost extra for Shampoo, or they only offer it with more expensive haircut packages.

➥ If you’re looking to blow-dry your hair with your cut and Shampoo, you’ll have to pay on Sam’s Cut Plus. Sam’s Cut Plus ($27).

➥ For a total amount of shampoo blow-dry, cut, and hot tool looks, it’s best to purchase Sam’s Designer Cut ($32). Sam’s Designer Cut ($32).

➥ If you’re looking for a basic perm, you can choose the Quick & Easy Perm ($58) will provide you with. If you’d prefer to incorporate hairstyles to your Perm, request a Sam’s Perm Plus ($68.50).

➥ Get out of the salon with a fresh curly look by purchasing your Designer perm ($87.50) that comes with the haircut, haircut and curling iron, or roller.

➥ Fantastic Sams offers a range of bleach and colour options, as well. All-over hair, with a single-process color, ranges from $61 to $61, and partial highlights cost about $63.

➥ If you’d like all-over highlights for your hair, it is between $76 and $86.

➥ For weddings, proms dancing, parties and other special occasions, there’s no better price than the cost of an average hairstyle for $51 in Fantastic Sams.

➥  This is for any formal hairstyle, ranging from complicated braids to various updos.

Are Fantastic Sams Prices Affordable?

➥ After reviewing how various Fantastic Sams locations price their services, What do they compare with each other?

➥ We’ll evaluate their prices against the costs of similar services offered by other franchise salons.

Hair cut with Shampoo

Fantastic Sams Prices

  • Fantastic Sams: $19
  • Supercuts: $23
  • Sport Clips: $22
  • Great Clips: $19


Fantastic Sams Prices

  • Fantastic Sams: $61
  • Supercuts: $35-$50
  • Sport Clips: N/A
  • Great Clips: N/A


Fantastic Sams Prices

  • Fantastic Sams: $58
  • Supercuts: N/A
  • Sport Clips: N/A
  • Great Clips $30-$115


Fantastic Sams Prices

  • Fantastic Sams: $11-$12
  • Supercuts: $6-$10
  • Sport Clips: N/A
  • Great Clips: N/A

➥ Fantastic Sams is on par with Great Clips for the best price on haircuts, including Shampoo.

➥ The costs for colour are higher than Supercuts; however, they’re still within the typical price range.

➥ Perm prices from Fantastic Sams are very affordable, given that only people with concise hair can receive a $30 perm at Great Clips.

➥ The price of Waxes is a couple of dollars more expensive at Fantastic Sams than at Supercuts.

➥ However, keep in mind that they are Fantastic Sams’ average prices; however, some locations might have higher or lower prices than the ones shown.

➥ Have a look at the costs for other salon franchises across the country by using one of our guidebooks:

  • Supercuts Prices
  • Great Clips Prices
  • Sport Clips Prices

➥ Fantastic Sams offers a wide range of hair-related services for their clients at the most affordable costs in the market. Based on the price data we gathered, we found it to be among the most cost-effective salons in the country.

➥ If you’re looking for the perfect salon for a haircut, colour or style, you can use the Fantastic Sams Near You tool.

➥ Enter your zip code to find the nearest location to you. According to their slogan, “Your style is waiting .”

Fantastic Sams Hours

Monday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Fantastic Sams Products Sold

➥ Fantastic Sams offers much more than simply excellent hairstyling services. Additionally, you may get all the items you need right here to maintain the gorgeous appearance of your hair even after your appointment.

➥ They offer a variety of cleaning, conditioning, and styling solutions at various price points by selling salon-exclusive brands in addition to their product lines.

➥ You can achieve excellent results with smooth, healthy hair without additional fillers when using salon-quality products.

➥ Depending on your demands, the Fantastic Sams product lines include compositions for lift and volume, moisturizing, clarifying, and color protection.

Fantastic Sams Guest Service – Video

About – Fantastic Sams

➥ As you might expect, Sam is the founder of Fantastic Sams. In 1974, Sam Ross opened the first SAM, Incredible Sams.

➥ He modified the name in 1976 to the appellation that is now well-known throughout the nation due to the more than 1,100 franchises.

➥ In the same year, franchising got underway, and as a result of so many people opting to start more wildly successful salons, the brand has continued to expand.

➥ Fantastic Sams still positions itself as a full-service, reasonably priced salon for the entire family. There is no need for appointments because each shop has many stylists available, and appointment times go quickly

➥ Sams is owned by Dessange International, a chain of European salons, whose CEO at the moment is John Constanza, formerly of Conair Corporation.

➥ Each salon continues to provide a calm atmosphere with understated European elegance. Fantastic Sams is well-positioned to expand by building on its legacy of excellent service at a competitive price.

➥ To set up an appointment with Fantastic Sams, please visit their official site at www.Fantastic

FAQs – Fantastic Sams

How Much to Tip your Hairdresser at Fantastic Sams?

➥ Depending on the kind of service you receive from your hairstylist, you can tip them anywhere from 10% to 20%.

➥ Leave at least a 10% tip if satisfied with the service. Likewise, if you had a positive experience, you may leave a 20% tip.

Why Choose Fantastic Sams Hair Salon?

➥ Fantastic Sams’ biggest asset is their adaptability. Once more, the Fantastic Sam prices are reasonable.

➥ They provide comprehensive packages that include cutting, styling, straightening, coloring, highlighting, and texturing.

➥ Although Fantastic Sams’ low costs, the salon provides the highest quality. Fantastic Sams on delivering excellent customer service, which fosters a welcoming atmosphere.

➥ They offer distinctive, talented hair stylists who stay updated on the newest fashions and trends.

➥ These stylists are there to provide crucial advice, and their talent can help you achieve the ideal appearances and styles. They are dedicated stylists that work hard to put their clients at ease.

How much is a haircut at Fantastic Sams?

➥ Fantastic Sams offers haircuts for affordable costs. It’s a low-cost hairdressing service that is able to live up to the expectations of being cheap and unique.

➥ All haircuts come with a complimentary shampoo. Adult haircuts begin at $18, and kid haircuts start at 14. It is possible to pay a little more for hair blow-drying or blow-drying and style for your haircut.

Does Fantastic Sams take walk-ins?

➥ Fantastic Sams accepts walks-in. This is one of the company’s many advantages, as they don’t have appointments.

➥ Fantastic Sams offers services to people who are always in a hurry and require a haircut as it is convenient for them.

➥ Their hair stylists have the same qualifications, and you’re guaranteed to receive a top haircut every time.

How much does a haircut cost?

➥ In general, haircuts can be very expensive. Fantastic Sams and other retailers that offer a lower price offer similar prices.

➥ Boutique hair salons may be charged as much as 60 dollars for haircuts. In addition, they typically add an extra charge for blow-drying and shampoo.

➥ You may also be charged more when you add colour, and it will be more fantastic if you want to colour your hair. However, the price will be substantially higher at a salon.

How much of a tip should you give your hairdresser?

➥ Hairdressers are paid tips and wages like every other worker in the service industry, and you should expect to give them around 20% of the time. Don’t hesitate to offer your stylist a higher amount for a job well done! Job!

How can I get a cheap haircut?

➥ The cheapest method to cut your hair is to visit an establishment chain such as Fantastic Sams, Great Clips and Sports Clips.

➥ The primary business model of these stores is to offer customers fast service at a reasonable cost.

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