AirBrush Tanning Near Me

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Airbrush Tanning Near Me

Airbrush Tanning Near Me

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What is the cost of an airbrush tan?

What is the cost of a spray tan? Prices for a single spray tan vary depending on the method used and the salon. Clients can expect to pay $25- $50 per tan. However, Groupon spray tanning deals can save you money.

What is the average time an airbrush tan lasts?

Custom spray tanning should last 5-10 day. The length of your tan will depend on how well you care for yourself before and after. Avoid lotions and perfumes, exfoliate regularly, and don’t forget to remove any makeup. Use gentle soaps and body washes after tanning.

Are airbrush tans really worth it?

Spray tanning is a great option for those who don’t want the risk of sunburn or tanning beds. Spray tans are far less dangerous than traditional tanning. A spray tan can lead to the most serious side effects, such as turning orange.

Which is better, spray tan or airbrush?

While both spray tanning and airbrush tanning can produce beautiful results, airbrushing will likely give you the best results.

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